Important! Verify Your Account!

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Hey Y’all!

So I wanted to get on here today and explain a critical step here on steemit...I truly believe that without doing this you will not have much success here on steemit.


This might sound silly but there are a lot of people out there that are posting great quality content and just don't receive any rewards because nobody can prove if their account is verifiable... There are great youtubers out there that are probably legitimate posting videos on dtube/dlive but there is no way of telling if the video is just stolen or it is actually them posting. I don't think that curators/whales or really anybody will reward this because people are more inclined to believe it's fake.

Of course there is scammers out there too that are posting fake videos...Honestly, I just think that it's a waste of time...I haven't seen much/ if any fake accounts get rewarded ever.

So my tips are pretty simple but very effective!

Tip 1: Post an introduction video. Either dtube/dlive make sure you do an intro video mentioning your username...steemit etc. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything but I know that it is effective because I made the recommendation to many people... as an example: @mrchef111 did an intro video post and has been doing very good afterwards. Along with many others.

I think the introductory video post is very effective and critical key here on steemit.

If your a blogger then the same rule applies: make sure to do the introductory post...Hold a piece of paper with your username and date so that it will be easily won't regret it in the future.

Tip 2: It's ok to link your other social media channels, It's also great to link your steemit account back from your other social media accounts such as youtube, instagram etc... It's simple.

Tip 3: Don't be confusing! Make things simple. (I'll keep this one vague)

Hope this helps some people out there!


As always,

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You can do it off-chain with SteemVerify. Some people don't want their info stuck on the chain forever. You'll get a badge like mine :)

What! I didn't know that super cool! 😎 I'll check it out.

We have an account here on SteemIt too 😎 I

Thanx for the info!! :D

Welcome! :)

Yes I am preety much agree that verifying account is really big step for being professional.

Yes, it is!

This is such an important step for first time Steemians to do! Otherwise I just assume they are fake. Kind of like 14 karat or 42% Not Gold :)

Exactly...who wants 14K gold??? NOT ME!!! 24K only!

Really important step

This is really good idea I think. I am relatively new to steem, but lately I have become alot more active. I wonder if verifying my account will help me though. Im so new that i feel my content doesnt get reveiwed alot may have to do with how hard it is to get wheels rolling here. I will however keep plugging away at it 🤗

Well it helped me, I know it does for sure on dtube...I'm mostly into the dtube world but yeah it helps even on steemit, if you can't veirfy someone they might just think its fake or scam. Yeah it takes a bit to get the wheels rolling, for me since I started making videos and thats when it started going better. 😀

Awesome my video content is "under production " lol. Takes time for me to learn what equipment i need and best way to upload to maximize my useful content etc. Ive never recorded videos except on a cell phone. Im excited to share what i have and get out there 😁😁

Yes, I think its great and effective tips. Everyone should follow the simple rules.

Yeah it helps a TON I know a lot of people it helped out.

Great video! And thanks so much for the shout out! :) Yes everyone, I wasn't that successful here on steemit, before I posted an introduction video, and then after, it has really changed. I got all kinds of new followers, and it has just been awesome. :) I love the line at the end, "Share your smile with a stranger" So true. Smiles are free, we should share them more often. :)

For sure your welcome! I agree it's least for me and a lot of others I recommend it to. Yeah, that's been my outro for a bit lol its always good to smile 😊. Thanks for watching Mr Chef!

You are very welcome! :) And thanks again!

Oh That is so bad. Poor the girl in the video also. Its really bad for the platform I really hate someone like this. One time I went to one video he copy from Youtube and post here so I can't stop my hand to comment to him. You are original and you are beautiful that they can't copy you :) xoxo

Yeah, it's funny that people do all that instead of just verify themselves. haha I'm not worried about being copied just trying to help people to verify their account on steemit and it will be very helpful for them.

Hi, I have questions. What's a whale that you mentioned. Is Discord the only place communities are at?

Whales are people with A LOT of steempower in their wallet. Their upvote is worth a lot more than average "minnows" with very little. Discord is the primary place for steemit communities yes. 😀

Well thank you @alphasteem so much for this important, information.

I am gonna follow these steps and i will make intro Dtube/Dlive video mentioning my steemit name in it.
THank you

@alpahasteem Great post! Just hope people take this to heart :D Happy Sunday.

hey @splendorhub! I hope so too. Happy Sunday back at ya!

Another great video and some excellent advice. I think some people struggle because they want to keep their anonymity but verifying yourself is certainly an important step to gaining trust and a stronger following. I verified myself with an intro post about a month after I joined the platform and I actually verified myself again yesterday when I uploaded my dtube intro post. I hope that people are listening to your suggestions and make sure to verify their accounts as well.

Hi @broncofan99,

I think some people struggle because they want to keep their anonymity but verifying yourself is certainly an important step to gaining trust and a stronger following.

We realized this pretty early on ourselves and have done hundreds of badges for people instead to keep their indentity safe on the Steem blockchain.

That is a fantastic initiative.

Thanks broncofan! It's still possible to keep anonymity and verify yourself: Make a username called maskedperson: and hold the paper with your username and date LOL... or just use steemverify like @steemitqa mentioned. I didn't see your intro post, gotta go check it out!

Thanks for the info. That is crazy someone stole that clip of your audio. Curious how you discovered that.

Your welcome! That was brought up to me by someone on the dlive team lol.

Wow. Good lookin' out dlive team. Wonder how they did that. Who even knew people did stuff like this? What is the point?! I have so many questions haha

Maximum times, fake acc and people who copy from others are the ones who make more than original content creators, some codes should be created to take the scammers.

Definitely one of the first things I did!

Great article and content, my friend! That is a great suggestion! SO now, I just need to learn dtube, LOL! Have a wonderful Sunday, @alphasteem! Take care.

Cool dress :)
And yeah real persons are always welcome here on Steemit...
I think steemit has given us so much and least it deserves is our proof of existence... Right...

Godd advice I'll do it this week

Yes, that is very important!

Merci pentru avertizare @alphasteem

Inteleg perfect parerea ta

Astept cu nerabdare sa apara curatori cu putere in steem sa sustina cu adevarat arta/muzica/arta culinara via steemit/dtube/dsound

In acelasi timp ma amuz cum de video-uri cu muzica ce ar putea fi catalogata cu "?" primesc vot-uri de xx $ ... precum si via cealalta platforma unde diferite melodii fara nicio tema/forma au voturi la greu ... doar o parere

Numai bine @alphasteem

Mie fuarta greu sa inteleg ultimul parte de commentariul tau find ca nu citesc sau scriu prea bine in romaneste....daca poti sa scrie ultima parte in engleza maybe I can help😀 my reading/writing in romanian is not very good lol.

"In acelasi timp ma amuz cum de video-uri cu muzica ce ar putea fi catalogata cu "?" primesc vot-uri de xx $ ... precum si via cealalta platforma unde diferite melodii fara nicio tema/forma au voturi la greu ... doar o parere "

So ... my humble artistic opinion :-)

"At the same time I am amused how music videos that could be categorized as "?" receive votes of xx $ ... and via the other platform where different melodies without any theme / form have votes hard ... just an opinion"

Thanks for the info. Getting ready to put my introduction together.

You can also verify your account with Steemcleaners here :

After doing that you will have this badge in like the one I have :