A silly mistake can cost all your money. Bittrex Transference.

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Too late for regrets ...

Me today 1:23 Am

2:37 am

3:16 am

3:46 am while I'm looking to Bittrex coin prices (in my 2006's notebook lagging with windows XP) when I realizes that burstcoin has jump from 0.01$ to 0.02$ and still increasing

So I decide to trasfer 20 SBD to my bittrex wallet in order to buy some burst

Transfer taking to long to complete ...

That I end up sleeping while wait

have Intense dreams about crypto and traveling to Japan

I wake up 4 hours later and and see that the money still not yet arrived on Bittrex

When then I realize I sent my SBD to my Steem wallet on Bittrex and they are now lost forever

Hello again dear Steemians, hope you are doing great on this beautiful Monday!

Today I made what I think it is a comum mistake especially among new users who are still not use to cripto transfers. I cannot recover what I have lost, but I can do help informing people in order to don't commit the same mistake. Therefore I decide make a quick tutorial to assiste those who might be in doubt or even afraid to make a transfer from Steemit to Bittrex.

whereas that you already have a Steemit and a Bittrex account. First of all you have to get your Bittrex wallet referent to the money You are going to transfer and click on the plus button. (we are going to use SBD in this tutorial, but the process is the same to transfer Steem, just make sure you got the right wallet address)

then it will show your wallet address and Bittrex account name. Now in another tab, open your wallet on steemit. click in your SBD balance and select transfer.

copy and past the bittrex account name in the field To and paste your wallet address on the field Memo and fill the amount you wanna transfer.

and all you have to do is wait till the transference be credited in your Bittrex wallet. this waiting use to take about 10 min average, and your Wallet will be credited with your transference.

If after this short tutorial you are still having any question about it please let me know, I'll do my best in order to answer them all.

  • If you decide to resteem my post let me know in the comments too, I will make a transfer from my wallet to yours proportionally to the number of followers your account have.
    <100 I'll transfer you 0.1 SBD
    101~200 I'll transfer you 0.2 SBD
    201~300 I'll transfer you 0.3 SBD
    801~900 I'll transfer you 0.9 SBD
    901~1000 I'll transfer you 1 SBD
    1000> I'll transfer you 1 SBD, read some of yours recent posts and cast a full upvote on the one I like the more.

And always remember:

A wise person learn with his/her own mistakes.

An even wiser learn with others mistakes

Ps: Remember by just clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your Steemit brothers and sisters! ^^

Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends , travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather 20,000 $ to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures !


upvoted! :)

Thank you so much my friend !! ^^/

I have resteem your post, it is my first one :)

Thank you !
I've already send your transfer with a welcome plus ^^

Lol at the gifs😂😂😂😂😂
At least the amount was only a relatively small!

Thank you soooo much fore you feedback and support!!
I'm truly glad you like it =D

Yeah there are some bad things that only happens to bring us good things! \o/

Steem on!

i need help from you.
help me please

Thanks for this! This is definitely a scary mistake new users can make :) Thanks for writing this. Plus it looks like you'll get your 20 SBD back :) Yay!!

I'm amazingly surprised about how much this post achieved \o/
thank you so much for sparing some of your time to read it ♥
there is this saying in Portuguese: Há males que vem para o bem
which means something like: some times bad things just happens in order to bring great good things =D

Maybe you can email them about the mistake.

I hadn't thought about this great hint ! =D

It worth give it a try, nothing to lose :P

A fun and clever post, @andyluv! I agree, the transfer process seems rather treacherous. There aren't really any failsafes against making a mistake. Its one of the few downsides to cryptocurrencies that I have seen so far in my limited time here, but it's a big one!

Good luck on your quest to reach Japan! Cheers!

Thank you so much for tour great and nice reply !

Yeah this indeed is a big issue that might scare (and it surely should) people to do transfer between wallets, I mean even we who are used to computers and crypto can make silly mistakes like that imagine the new comers.

Surely would be a great improvement to make a more failsafe transfer projects.

I love the beggining of the post, gifs and simple phrases
Is always important to double check the transfers of coins to assure everything is good
Resteemed and upvoted :D

Yeah, I like to put some smile to cover the pain lol =D

Thank you so much for resteem, Doing transfer right now ! ^^

OUCH! I have lost 1.7 BTC once so I feel your pain. I can't offer much, but you can certainly have my upvote for the post and I will resteem it too.

Thank you for sharing your pain with us, when I listen to your loss I fell relieved that mine was not that much!
Also thank you for resteem, already made your transfer ^^

I screwed up about a month ago by transferring bitcoin from Coinbase to my Bitcoin Cash wallet on Bittrex. I'll never see that money again. So I look at the address on the transfer to and from sites 3 times and verify it's all correct. I lost about $120. Crap. Expensive life lesson.

Oh my, that's really sounds like a painful life lesson. The good thing is that the fact that we are all doing crypto transactions before the whole world will surely bring us more benefits in a near future than or loss for testing this new technology =)

Sorry taking so long to reply I guess my comment notification are broken I just fund your comment couse I was looking here by chance lol

Dude nice post! Super funny with all the cat GIF's to begin and then really informative at the end. Good work!

Thank you I'm happy to read such a good feedback such as yours ! =D

You fall asleep waiting for delivery to bittrex.

I'm different, I fell asleep because of waiting for the sound in my post.

But essentially we experience the same activity.

hahaha when we spend too much ours awake doing our stuff, eventually we end up falling in sleep in the middle of it XD

I'll Resteem your post.. I have 1000+ Followers.. transfer amount if you want

Transfer done!
I did really like to see those photos from your country ! ^^

I've made this mistake before, but not with sbd, now I triple check before making transfers.

Already resteemed before reading till the end

sorry for the late reply, I just see your comment. Thank you for resteeming =D

but are you sure you finished the resteem, ?

Hehe I guess not, I'll do more

I just resteemed your last 4 post

thanks! Transfer made ^^

Wow thanks, I'm grateful

I have resteem & upvote your post now . I have also follow you.
Sorry for your lost, I have learn my lesson from this your post and have to be very careful.

Thank you for your feedback and resteem!
transference done !

@andyluy I have receive your gift, thanks for keeping to your words.

Oh no how annoying!!
You must be kicking yourself.

When I realize what I've onde I really was like in the mood to kick my self lol

I hope you get it back soon.

Not just newbie mistakes mate.. Yesterday I sent a whole lot of steempower to an idle steem account belonging to someone else.... when you are tired, drunk, occupied or have given up coffee - best not to do transfers I've found! upvoted you 100% hope it helps

You're absolutely right even pro ones can end up committing a silly mistake like that, that's why we should have the habit to at least triple check things in any transactions, therefore chances to make a mistake would be very low

@andyluy Great sharing! .. I have upvoted and resteem it :)

Thank you. I apreciate your feedback =D

Transference done" ^^/

Ohhh. Thanks a million dear, I appreciate that from you so much.
What a very good news for me :)
I'm going to make donation from a part of them .. Thanks again :)

Hahahahaha I loooove it 😁♥

I'm glad you like, Thank you ♥


Hello I am from japan 😁✋
I am really really love your photos
Squirrel♥one then I put on my post today is that ok ? 😅
Today my casual izakaya blog please check
Thank you

よろしくおねがいします! \ (^-^) /


Upvoted,resteemed and followed mate..
Great sharing...👍👍👍👍👍

Thank you! for your nice feedback and help.
I just made your transference! =D

Great post. Very funny begining am still laughing!! Upvoted Resteemed following you.

I'm glad you like it =D
Thank you for the resteem
just made your transfer!

Thank you so much buddy

kemajuan teknologi yang luar biasa

terima kasih! ^^

Ahhh, that sucks. I've been so worried that i'll accidentally do that. I'm sure I will at least once. Good on you for staying positive. I hope you get to Japan swiftly

I'm in this cripto world for about 3 months. I was always really afraid to do something wrong so I always use to check like 5 times before make something such as a transaction, I think that fear was what has kept me safe from making mistakes. But this that I was more confidente, Feeling like I already know to do those stuff, so I didn't check like I use to do. That's a good lesson indeed. Having Fear help to us to keep ourselves protected from making silly mistakes like that!

Thank you for your reply !!
and for your good wishes =D

I am sad if you really lost that 20 SBD but I cant help smiling about the way in which you have told the story in gif form. Fantastic!

Ah man! I hope you get it back! I find I make the most mistakes on Bittrex when I am tired, even setting up a Stop-loss wrong and ended up selling Okcash coins as a limit sell instead of conditional sell for way under value. We learn from our mistakes :)
Resteemed and upvoted.

Oh thats true, there is lots of others little features that deserve a better explanation, to the new users too such as this limit and conditional sell. I believe you have learned by yourself how does that this works, so did I. but I'm always thinking that new users may have a hard time in order to understand those things !

Thank you for your great feedback and to share your story with us !

Just made your trasference ^^/

Thanks for the transfer @andyluy! Much appreciated.
I still need to go find a tutorial on how to set up stop-loss correctly. I watched a Suppoman video where he talks about it but I need a bit more detailed explanation. It would have been handy when the markets tanked yesterday.
Hope you have a good day. Almost weekend!

Fitting GIFs and a sorry to your mistake haha! We all do it, next time you will do it correctly and possibly not while so sleepy? :P
Resteemed for you, hopefully others learn from your mistake too!

Yeah, I find out the hard way that I should not make trading while sleepy XD

Thank you for your reply !

Your transference is done already! ^^/

Haha I have made mistakes like that while asleep XD
You're welcome and thank you too! :)

Nice post man! I like this. You are getting a nice amount of views :)

Hahaha sorry but I just had to repost my favorite one :D

Followed..so sad

That's ok sometimes bad things brings good things ! =D

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