How changes are made on steemit?

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Hello steemians, who are still awake ? =D

Today (as always) I was I was navigating through the steemit checking some interesting posts, and thinking about what from the million of things I still have in my mind to build a post here, is funny couse I manage at the same time having a lot of subjects to talk about, but end up not talking about none of then thinking it is not the right time.

Well one thing I know for sure the majority of the posting I've been doing here use to came out all of once when i decide to sit and write about something, There where even funny cases where I was intending to post about one thing and when I start writing I end up approaching a whole diff subject that the first one I was intending to do.

another thing that gives me a magic impetus to write a whole post out of a thin air is when I found something quite interesting which I think it worth to talk about. That was what just happened now, while I was checking my home page, this post from the famous witnesses @timcliff have caught my attention.

It is a small post where he describes a feature of steemit, pointing some negatives consequences about it, and submit a change proposal request. I after reading his small but insightful post i got my self wondering, Yeah that's quite similar to how changes are implemented on BTC and a lot of others blockchains. It should be expected that happening on steemit too.

the feature he present is that currently when a post or a comment is downvoted bellow 0.00 $ it become hidden but if you have more than 65 reputation it doesn't matter how many downvotes you recieve your post or comment will never become hidden. And his proposal is to remove this protection from the 65 + Rep users. and after reading his points about it I would say, I agreed with @timcliff change proposal.

Well, I don't really know how all the process for his submitted change proposal use to happen but i do believe it might be a great learning for all of us to keep an eye on it!

If you do have some info about this subject please share with all your steemit brothers and sisters in the comments bellow, when we share Ideas, at the end of the day everyone wins ;D

Ps: Remember by just clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your Steemit brothers and sisters! ^^

Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends , travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather 20,000 $ to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures


Versão em português desse post:

Como são feitas mudanças no steemit ?

Hey, This is really amazing info @free999enigma I didn't know steemit was also being make under github.
Thank you so much for sharing that !!!! =D

I wonder how fast changes are done when you submit something on the github page. For example that you can chose the topics that are shown in the sidebar. I'd like to have that and I'm also sure it's not too difficult to make and others would like that too.

That's something I would like to know too! I wonder also who can submit a changing proposal, if it is everyone, only the witnesses or or something like only the top 20 witnesses?

try it;-)

It is definitively possible to engage in a conversation there, if they follow the posts there. My guess is that you'd have to get into their channel on steemchat to get into a real conversation. Question is: Which channel^^

indeed, I know that there is a channel on steemit chat called witness I believe it is possible talking to some of then in there =)

right, that witness thing. Maybe that's what they are all about -> They transmit messages and requests from the plebs to the kings;-)

That's great! You have lot's of ideas to share with us. Unlike me, I am only thinking of what would be my next subject on my next photography. Lol.

It is funny how I can be both full of Ideas and sometimes unable to put none of those in a post hahaha XD

Lol. Maybe you have to organize one thought before the other or else they'll rumble in your mind. 😄

I'm definitely clueless on this. I have no idea how proposed changes are even made here ha, but I do enjoy using Steemit even though I don't know much about the technical side of things

Some interesting things here. I also agree with the rule change for people with a reputation of over 65, it seems more fair. Thanks for the information. Upvoted.

thank you for your feedback. yeah I do see that as a better and fair rule to steemit behave equally with everyone.

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

I'm really glad to hear such positive feedback.

thank you @shihabieee! =D

you are most welcome.

Am knowing about the reputation protect stuff for the first time today.
Thanks for the wonderful information and knowledge shared.
I've followed you to see more.

Yeah it seems that having a high reputation brings you some advantages, some even considered unfair such as the one we talked about =)

I created a similar post to creat more awareness about the pull request made by @timcliff.
I also acknowledged getting the insight from, though as a comment. I tagged you.

Very interesting post and updates on steemit. Truly believe that the steemit platform would excel in the days ahead. Upvoted and following u as always.
Regards Nainaz

Hello. Wishing you all the best in your goals to study in Japan!! I'm new here and your post was helpful to me! Thanks

Hi Andyluy ı hope you have as you wish

Nice post started following you @andyluy