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RE: Why I am Not Powering Down Yet

in #steemitlast year (edited)

How can you be so sure? The thing is some people hate Justin Why? is it because of his ethnicity, the many comments I have seen around steemit seems to suggest so and those who are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt were basically outcast. I am not totally in agreement with all that he has been doing but have you seen how some steemians reacted, despicable. I was EXPECTING more from them. I expected them to be the leaders they say they are not like some craze mob out to kill someone and yes some of these people are actually wishing Justin to be killed. Is this the type of people you want to associate yourself with?

How I see it Justin is still playing nice. As you have said he has the money to do so, so what is stopping him from buying Hive on bittrex or probit and raising havoc in Hive as well. He just wanted his STEEM he bought from NED that is how I see it... just think of it this way.. all this aggressive posturing and drama was all to save Steem right? Where is steem now under ... Justin Sun. They utterly failed to save STEEM.