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RE: Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!

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@steemsecrets thank you for your words of wisdom indeed there were many reasons why people join steemit. I for one in the early stages of my steemit life I have viewed steemit as another cryptocurrency use case that I can earn from but as I evolve as a steemian I realize that it is something more I just can't point a finger on it and now that you have shared your thoughts on this It made it all clear to me. The rewards we gain are not those of money but more. Indeed learning is the ultimate earning. Best of all this cannot be exhausted, depleted nor stolen. Thank you steemsecrets for sharing your thoughts and knowledge about being a steemian.

@eijinear YOU ARE AWESOME! as I have said in the past you are the complete package beauty, brains and talent. Love you sis you have delivered the words of @steemsecrets brilliantly!

@surpassinggoogle thank you for always there to support us all. Your never tiring inspiration and support keeps a lot of us going I know that you will be always be there for us and know this we will always be with you and support you as well.


thankyou so much sissy! i appreciate everything that you said. I did my best to deliver these special words from @steemsecrets just because I thought it is truly empowering and that it needs to be heard especially the newbies who are still doubting about the site. Much love sissy 😘❤

thanks @enjieneer, @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecret, for me i joined steemit because of the money not realising that there's so much out there to learn from but now i do.. i'll keep tabs with you'll because i see am getting to learn new things everyday tanks to @steemsecrets.

And I just got reward from this post now! Thanks @ankarlie!

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