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RE: Steem Secrets #5 (Delivered By @allerie00): Much Of The INTEL That You Will Need, To Attain "Steemit" Success, Lies In "History".

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@steemsecrets Thank you for this valuable lesson. I did not know that it was so much harder before. I thought it is harder now since the value of steem is much higher and there are many more members which means more competition. It is not because Steemit members now have much more support than before. To put it blantly the early stages of steemit was savage compared to now. This made me realize that compared to early adaptors we have it easy now. Since we have it easy now we create the illusion that the mediocre work we do is deserving rewards which essentially makes us act like spoiled brats or sense of entitlement that we don't deserve and thus we become lazy and less creative and thus poor quality post.

Valid valuable illusion is an interesting concept in which you will not rely on your connections, affiliations, bidbots or any other tools that helps you gain more upvotes but you soley rely on yourself and the content of your next steemit post which will bring out your BEST. WOW I grasp what you are saying here and I will apply this concept this "practice" from now on. In addition now understand why some of the early adapters are a bit hard on newbies when they vote beg or when they complain about payouts. It was much harder then than now.

@allerie00 you are soo cool ate you really nailed it with this performance. I love it! Keep in touch and let us help each other togther with madam @sunnylife ate @einjineer and ate @gerel and spread the words of steemsecrets.

@surpassinggoogle as always thank you for your unending support for us minnows your guidance we will cherish as it does not apply in the confines of the walls of steemit but beyond. You inspire the inspirers!


@ankarlie nice to see you are learning a lot anak. Keep it up! @steemsecrets thanks for sharing your knowledge. @surpassinggoogle thank you for always being there for all of us specially my daughter. @allerie00 you did very well!

Thank you so much! I hope this helps you! Please don't forget to spread the words of steemsecrets in our fellow steemians :) there will be a lot of secrets to be revealed soon! It'll be a guide for us minnows. :)

These words of @steemsecrets are indeed helpful to us minnows who are yet to explore this platform. :) thanks @allerie for this another secret revealed. It is such a pleasure to have read your testimony :) well for now.. i am more knowledgeable of the importance of the history and what it was before the steemit’s ‘now’ .. :)

You are altruistic and a great Philanthropic Steemian @surpassinggoogle.
Keep been awesome!
God bless you

Bro terry keep up the good work , if every leader is like you,the world will be a better place.....

Well said @allerie00 thanks for sharing this valuable one. Big help to all steemians specially newbies. Keep on posting.

I will keep on following @steemsecrets post to add some knowledge on steemit.

Thanks sis @ankarlie for letting me know about @steemsecrets.

And also thanks @surpassinggoogle for you support though we know how busy you are. You always spend your time to support us. You always stand as our inspiration and motivation.

I am glad to know that this helped a lot of people. I am just also helping the man behind the steemsecrets. :) keep posting and Godbless you!

It is an honor to be the 5th one to speak in the words of steemsecrets sis @ankarlie let all these secrets be in our hearts and minds let it guide us. Having to know the history makes us realize how lucky we are now and that we should not complain on the low payouts and steem values and should not rely on bots but on ourselves and on the quality informations that we post.

Ate @allerie00 si abbzd po pala nakakabunso kapatid ni Ate Anidel nice to meet you pwede po ba tayong maging friends? pwede po ba kayong follow tapos follow niyo din ako tapos mag followhan tayo?kasi sabi ni ate bawal daw mag tanong na magpafollow? Tapos paano mag apply para sa video my talent fee po ba? ayaw kasi sagutin ni ate sayang eh at baka ma discover ako sa malupet kong acting skillz


Yeah, truly I was always wondering why they were hard on newbie begging but with this post and comment I understand now, it was really sacrificial for some and now many things have changed but the history and the people never did. [email protected]'s valuable info

I was here August 2016 and left. I "threw" my login details intentionally. If not because of @long888 and other #steemitachievers who were my connections from other sites I wouldn't come back (created new account). LOL

@pinay Now you are worth to be featured here. I'll watch for it soon...

Haha thanks but I am shy on video camera you know :-D
I am not a YouTuber, I am only a Twitterer haha I think steemit and @dollarvigilante followed me since 2016 too :-D

wow, I am also shy on camera that is why this is not possible for me if ever an offer to be featured comes haha.

Whos is @dollarvigilante? I don't use twitter that's how behind I am hehe

I use Twitter since 2012 because Twitter never ban sites not like Facebook. Facebook banned #WirexApp and other CryptoCurrency ads right? 😊

DollarVigilante is a vigilante haha check his posts. I like crypto talks but not politics :-D

yaah steemit is now much easier then before and value incresae dy by day! more people joining steemit and leaving other social network because of honesty of people and helping people and for leaning pupropse! steemsecret team share the knowledge and helping people is much appriciated!
@surpassinggoogle! always support people and many people are loving his humunity and we will support him best of luck my friend!

Please let is support @surpassinggoogle also by voting his witness account steemgigs. Here is a link that does this using steemconnect.

sure i will support @surpassinggoogle him and he true gentleman!

Thank you on behalf of sir terry. It is the least we can do for him for what he has done for the platform.

So steemit had to go through all of these to succeed. It was much harder then, so much harder but people like Terry stuck in there, refusing to quit even when the going was tough. That is the stock winners are made off. I will stick in there and make steemit so awesome.

I never knew about this. Thanks for the lesson @steemsecrets. This is another eye opener message for everyone who thinks that it is a lot harder now. As for me, i am more inspired to work harder and not prioritizing what i will be possibly earning afterwards... :) I will also apply all of this that i am learning from your kind words. A miillion thanks to you and to the people who have helped me to become better in this platform.. God bless all of us. And togetther lets take steem to the moon! :)

Please let is support @surpassinggoogle also by voting his witness account steemgigs. Here is a link that does this using steemconnect.

We are glad that in this way, we are able to help people become better in this platform. Yes monetary aspects is not always the one that we are after, it is the feeling of fulfilment that we are able to help other people acquire knowledge thru our quality contents and we are able to reach to them.

Hahaha, you see just how sweet this all sounds! Stay awesome

sir @surpassinggoogle. Can I have a request?? Can you send me some portrait picture of yours. I just want to draw you as my devotion to you and express my arts in the sense of salluting you sir. If you like too. thank you in advance sir

I have found one for you my friend sir terry might be too busy :)

Yeah..That's his real face (...In Emmanuella's voice)

Lol... M planning to do something with the pics...
He's a nice man though

Yeah, thats @abdollar..... He's perfect..... Ready to make a lovely potrait with the pics


Thats parts of his handiwork @abdollar

I remember that line "That's his real face by emmanuella. Great video.

that's with effects. I am not smooth-looking

Please follow @allerie00, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

your are honest man sir follow you!

Hahahaa you are not smoothing looking? I don't believe this but let's say i believe you, but then you have a "smooth caring heart" and that, you cannot deny. Case closed. I rise.

bro if you only look at that picture closelyof, you will see that there is no element of even smile on. if youyou carry the dreams of many nations, unshaken, like brother you will even grow bald. I am no longer a normal human but I am an unshaken brother

bro if you only look at that picture closely, you will see that there is no element of even smile on. if you carry the dreams of many nations, unshaken, like brother you will even grow bald. I am no longer a normal human but I am an unshaken brother

I understand how you feel brother. It is a broken place to be but your consolation is that you are not broken in vain. You carry heavy burdens on your young shoulder and I pray that God should bring you succour. On a lighter note, you need a very loving woman, a wife who will tend to your pain. It will get better Terry, just think about it dear. I wish you luck in your search..... Winks............ You deserve the best woman..... 😋

This is deep bro. I still choose to see the positive side to it. You are unshaken, you are not a normal being because you are a super being with burning passion for making life better from the chaos it has been used to. I know you always say you are broken and it rips me apart because someone as adorable as you deserve happiness. Strength, my brother. I keep praying for you.
P.S: I just posted about having no regrets. It might help a little bro. Sorry about all you had to go through.

I really understand and appreciate what you are doing here on steemit , may God almighty be with you and make you make your steem username come true and the dreams of all other beneficiary....

well thank you for having one @ankarlie. I'll be doing this soon.

Whoa, first time I'm seeing Terry's face, looks gentle. It's good to put a face to the name.

Wow...... Fresh terry...... So this is the blessed @surpassinggoogle

This is the man. Great personality to the steem community here in Nigeria. Now we recognize the one who has surpassed google . Lol.

soon i will be someone like you @surpassinggoogle. Whom a successful one and a intellegent being

you like joking and smiling ..... you must be young ha ha @surpassinggoogle

Lolzzz... Loving this already. Thanks

Loving this already. Thanks

There is more, needs digging

Please follow @allerie00, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

Indeed, this is a very helpful lesson... Thanks so much @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle

Glad you are here

It is a big delectation for us in becoming successful one here in steemit. everyone has the chance to become successful. Let us just be patient and always have improvement in ourselves who knows tomorrow might be our day. Let us spread the strenght together co-Steemians

Yes be patient and stick around. :) and it'll be good also to know the history more for it will surely help us! :)

My friend, you hit it on the head right there. We have it way much easier now and when people read this, their sense of entitlement thinking steemit owes them something bigger when they post would be reassessed. The history of a thing is always an eye opener. @surpassinggoogle is the real MVP. Totally committed to everyone's growth.

yes indeed. A lot of users now think that their every posts deserve dollars. without knowing the past makes us a little like a brat begging for upvotes which is not a good practice. We should depend on the ourselves and on our quality content tgat we are about to post. Sometimes it is not about the monetary aspects but tge knowledge tgat we share to our fellow steemians.

That is very correct and that is why i am excited about @steemsecrets. A lot of people have wrong orientation and you did amazingly well to set that straight. Quality is key. It can't be hidden. Value for value but most people just post for posting sake. The post should add value, teach me what i don't know before or remind me of what i know before so i can be very sure (reiterating).

Hello Ate Anidel, Sorry I have not posted anything yet for my account. I am preparing for it. I want you to be proud of me when I post my first blog. Just you wait Ate :). I may have not posted yet but i am reading the the post of other other steemians. I like the post of @steemsecrets as you said it is the fastest way to success in steemit I dont get some of the lingo but I will soon. I have to do some school work now Love lots--nikki

Haba ng post mo ate tapos ingles pa nakakanosebleed Hahaha.

You and yourself alone are the best tools needed on steemit,how creative you are with your post and a quality also is a determining factor of success if the people before did it we can also do it

I totally agree on this mentor @ankarlie, @surpassinggoogle is not just inspiring those future Whales but even those who Inspire people (the Minnow but Whale inside)

You inspire the inspirers!

Steemit to the Moon!

Please let us support @surpassinggoogle also by voting his witness account steemgigs. Here is a link that does this using steemconnect.

Done voting for Steemgigs :)

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