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RE: The long-awaited "International Steemit Music Video"

in #steemit3 years ago

Congrats on putting it together.

Yes, it´s really hard to get the people, gather all the videos, and editing the whole thing, I´m glad you liked my idea :D I hope more people do this, definitely brings the community together.


I am very thankful to you! This is inspired by what you did last month. And because of what you did, you change me a lot! You changed my point of view not only in steemit but also in my life... And because of this I encouraged all to continue what they started in life.

This is what community looks like, great job man.

Thanks a lot @anomadsoul... More amazing and incredible things will happen in the future! (^_^)

The only thing that would make this better is if you were in it gorgeous! xo

I'm not sure I got invited :P or if I did I don't remember haha sending kisses Lynette my favorite :*

Got them and...Swooning Eric my darling!

I send an invitation in Discord but maybe he did not see my message? We have next time... (^_^)