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RE: A look at delegation philosophy.

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I agree with you and I think certain communities should be considered personally. I don't see why they aren't considered exactly? Not sure if there's an official reason or not..?

But.. I run a relatively small contest. We've had close to 20 entries at times, but.. I've had probably around 10 different people or more tell me things like.. "Your contest is what steemit should be" "I like your contest more than I like steemit" "I woulda quit if it wasn't for your contest" "Your contest helps me keep posting".

And like I said.. We're small. I'm a dolphin with very little SP to go around, if we had delegations or EVEN a really generous whale to help out.. I think it would be incredibly valuable..

If they really care about their platform they should ensure that some of the best communities that bring people in and keep them posting should be able to keep running.

If steemit inc delegated to groups like open mic and darkhorses contest and ours and a few others.. I think it would serve the platform immensely. It would bring a lot of new people in, and it would help with retention a bunch too.

But.. It is what it is I suppose. I'm not holding my breath and I don't expect any help. I just do the best I can cause I believe in it and enjoy it and hope eventually some higher ups will notice and make our contest easier to maintain, and more effective in its reach.


Ok. Sure. You can delegate to dapps with good ideas but why is it that communities, curation projects, all those things that keep people and attract them on a social media site arent considered. It doesnt have to be a mega delegation.
Id love to hear Ned at least touch on the subject but as Meno said... He might be taking a step back and picking only dapps means staying neutral.
But is staying neutral really that good for the platform or is it good for Ned?

Might be too much going on right now.

I remember hitting 100K subs on YouTube and it gave me paranoid feelings for a couple of months! Let this Steemit thing sink in 2-3 years and I think Ned is ready for a new paradigm shift of global abundance :)

As more people become abundant there will be more humans that can have important roles. I think this Steem Blockchain will grow organic and natural right now just as we have seen with the Internet. It's now in the hands of the People, Investors... Geeks... Developers... Regular humans and so on... So no single human will be what people are looking on.

We saw with the "Jerry thing" that things tend to work itself out naturally by the large Steem Token holders. Since they care about their investment. So if things get's a bit wild it will self regulate to a better balanced state which works best for majority. :D

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