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RE: The only Important thing right now: Is the Steemit Stake Private Property?

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I'm happy to be at next meeting as a crypto lawyer with plenty of litigation experience. See & @jpbliberty Steem blog for details.


Yup, we need legal analysis and support. I'm also happy to review from my experience. I think anonymous actors should be sidelined for now.
Random opinion needs scrutiny.

Justin didn't remove his claim that they are malicious hackers. I don't agree with Justin. But some witnesses saw that as a top priority. It is telling of their concerns for the community and expertise in these matters. If it turns out that stake was not private property, which I believe, Justin should retract his statement. If it is private property, well thankfully no serious damage was done by the witnesses since funds were only frozen. It was Justin's decision to call in the exchanges as heavy artillery to help him which seems to be his potential blunder given the events since then.