Past Weekend Wedding

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This past weekend one of my friends from work got married. The ceremony was a bit different then I had ever experienced. The reception was also unlike any other wedding I've been to. The cake though was the coolest.


The wedding was bilingual which I had never seen before. It was basically in Spanish then translated into English except for the vows. The vows they only did in English.


Now the reception was a bit different like I said. There was no dancing or drinking like most weddings I've been too. However like I said the cake was awesome. My buddy at work is a total gamer and I thought it was cool he got gaming on his cake.



So funny, tell me was there a 'His and Her' game consoles among the Bridal gifts?

Noooo but that is probably on the wish list!

Hmm there's not that much to tell it was the shortest wedding I've ever been too lol.

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