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Hey everyone I hope you are all staying warm it there. It was -40 f today with the wind chill here in Illinois. We prepared for it well and have been staying nice and warm.

Work shut down though due to the extreme cold. The governor apparently even declared it a state of emergency. I'm glad I stayed home and in doors all day. The crazy thing is by Saturday is supposed to be almost 50f.

Stay safe and warm everyone. I had some today so I took out my stack and did some sorting. I'll try to get photos from that up at some point.


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I read some 10 people already died due to the weather. Take care.

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I saw it was witch titty cold af up there. Hope you keepin warm my man!

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We were around -50-60 in the states to the north! The were asking folks to lower their heat - the demand was taxing the natural gas I guess!

Yea I just heard about that. They asked my buddy in Detroit to turn his heart down to 60

I'm still waiting for my first Snowflake. 43F / 6C Raincalypse.

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