I might be a nobody on Steemit, but you could become aswell...

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I am a nobody

I am a nobody on Steemit, but that doesn't mean I don't have a voice. I own just around 10k STEEM, which I am pretty proud of. What a lot of people on Steemit can't be proud of is how they are completely destroying the platform from the inside out, because of their greedy needs. I was once greedy myself aswell. I was writing posts just for the sake of buying upvotes, earn some STEEM, and repeat, but we have to wake up. Wake up to the fact that Steemit can actually change the world, and to do so it can't be rotten from the inside. It has to be driven by people who write for the joy and see the payment as a win, and not the motivation to write. To do so, we have to stop the bid bots. They are doing no good.

If we continue to have bidbots destroying the beauty of Steemit, the whales, will become a nobody aswell, because Steemit will die. Ifyou don't think so, just remember back to the time with the old Steemit. Most of the post on the trending and hot page were there because of the bid bots, not because the posts were actually good, but because those with the most STEEM were just dominating the platform completely. You can, and you will become a useless shit user, just like the rest of us small dolphins, minnions, onions or what ever we are called once were, if we don't take care.

And the taking care process has begun, and I think it's winning or at least gaining momentum. @OCBD and @trafalgar, etc are doing a great job doing exactly what we need. Downvoting posts that has been supported by bid bots. They lead the way, and so, it's up to you to choose your path aswell. Where do you go? Down the greedy path, or down the path where we stand together and create something beautiful. I recently went down the greedy path and it didn't feel good. I was doing it completely for my own good, and it feels so much better, for once, to be writing a post that I for sure know is good for the platform. So where do you go?

I have recently delegated 10k to @OCDB as I know they will be in good hands, and they know how to lead Steemit towards a healthy place, and away from what it once was. We can see the light ahead, but the darkness is strong and is always just behind us. Don't let it get near us again.

I am a nobody, and you can become aswell, think twice.


Great post mate, I wish the EIP would have been brought into effect much earlier. I hope the damage bid bots have done over the years, ocdb included even though it was there to mitigate the rest of the abuse, will be able to be repaired. We've started repairing it and for once trending doesn't look as shit anymore and people are curating again, even if some are forced to do so, it's better than the alternative.

The time to sell profitable votes just to get your and your delegators ROI are over, not saying there is no business for bid bots once steem pumps and we have 10x more users that want to promote their stuff at a cost but what they are doing now is just pointless and costing the whole ecosystem. Thankfully we have downvote power now to regulate ourselves. Let's see what the future holds. :)

Thank you. Been wanting to get this thing out of my system for some time. It was one of the reason I had to take a break from Steemit.

I appreciate the work from OCDB and other former bidbots who are turning good again. If we could enter a new era on the platform where there would be no ROI for bid bots I would be happy as hell. I think it's very likely and I think we just need to stand together and do exactly what OCDB does now. Some think it doesn't matter but it really does!

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It's time to start calling our platform Steem, not Steemit. Steemit is just one app, and certainly not the most useful anymore. I for example am writing this comment from SteemPeak. A lot has been done to combat abuse on the platform, including for profit bidbots. The good content after HF21 has much more chances to appear on Trending. Therefore the movement is called #newsteem and not newsteemit.

That's true. It's just a habit :)

I don't know about 'nobody', you do look a little like Phil Collins.

Or maybe it is Phil Collins... :p

My hero.., I hope so.

Sweet man, I really like how much mango curation is going on lately and I can see delegations being pulled from Bid bots and given to curation groups and communities which has me excited for the future of content on this site

While it’s still heavily Steem content dominated at the moment I’m sure that will change with time as communities grow and can showcase the best of their niche

I wonder how Steemit will look in a few months with SMT and HIVE communities :) - And hopefully no bid bots :)

I'm assuming still a wild and crazy place but a lot more fun and easier to find the content you like :) As for price action, that could be pretty interesting

Simple beautiful and true. This post could be easily the manifesto or something great and I AM A NOBODY can be the motto that would transpire between the posts, the times and the entire community.
The most sincere post I've ever read in a while!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it! I am glad you felt and understood the message :)

I'm on steemit since few days but I followed this platform in the first days.
I totally agree with you, the potential of this platform and the technology behind is huge, but the greedy risk is high and real.
Bidbots, promotions and greedyposting is a real issue here, that's why I feel really happy and proud when I see a well done post in the trending page or in my feed.
Steemit could completely change the social networks world, making them really social and less money-driven, but we must do our part (from the user that start posting yesterday to the whale that is using steemit since the first day).
Great manifesto, keep it up!

Truth :-) It's actually pretty annoying that all our numbers are so visible and present, as they shouldn't matter in how we listen to and reward people :-) Good for you helping OCDB! Cheers.

It sure has an indirect effect on who we vote for, how much etc.

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I am approaching 10K STEEM, and I am glad I didn't earn it by buying votes. I have been working to counter bid bot abuse with the Steem Flag Rewards project, and it is disgusting to see spam and plagiarism being bot-voted so often.

Nice work :) It's people like you who will make steemit clean again :)