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We currently have a Bed of Corn in our House and there is a proper reason for that. I have previously always said that our Family belongs to a Farming Background so wherever we go we try to plant something and in most places we plant Flowers but if we do get some Free Land then we also go ahead and plant some Vegetables. So this Season we planted Corn and we harvested a lot of them, so since we can't eat a Ton of Corn we distributed 80% of the Corn to others and kept 10% for ourselves.

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Some of you guys must be calculating right now if I gave away 80% of the Corn and kept 10% of it then where is the rest of it. You are currently watching the rest 10% as we are currently drying them so that they can be used for the next Harvest.


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Always look forward to the future.

Best b policy.

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