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RE: On giving the gift of steemit to your friends and colleagues.

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As a musician the main response I get is "I haven't got time" and as a lot of independent musicians are also pretty poor, being as it's so hard to earn money from our art, I tend to focus on the opportunity Steemit provides them to earn a living from their music.

As I run a website with over 2800 musicians on it I thought the best way to get this across was to record a video series on "How To Make Money As An Independent Musician". Part 2 is all about using Steemit as a musician, especially the awesome "dsound" by @prc.

In the space of a month or so we now have about 10 or 15 musician on here and we meet once a day on Discord to upload and cross-promote each other's music.

Once people are on here and start to see the rewards in both financial terms but also in growing their fanbase and community, they are hooked!

I have to say though, it's damn complicated when you first start using it!!


Nice setup you have there!
Do you add the images after you record, or do you use a program to blend it as you record?

I add them afterwards although on the most recent video I did a screen capture as I was going through Musicoin and then added a few static images afterwards.

After the first few I realised it was quicker to do that than try and get my green screen flat enough not to look like a damn curtain! Also who needs to see my ugly mug! :P