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RE: Steem Secrets #11 (Delivered By @sissyjill): On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.

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This is yet, another most impressive @steemsecrets revealed. Now, a lot of people keeps earning cents with about three upvotes on daily basis in their posts up to the extent that most of them even get fade up and some even quit. I have a steemian friend who hasn't visited his account since January, ask him why and he will tell you that he is tired of low earnings and upvotes. Most often, he would tell you that his luck is not meant to shine on steemit but this is a very wrong perception, impress yourself first. Thanks to you @sissyjill for this breath taking piece.

Most steemians should know that to impress others you have to impress yourself first. Its pertinent to say that when you tickle yourself and didn't laugh or find beauty in what you have done within your own self first, then there is an issue you need to adjust.

To make it to trend, impress yourself first, let what you have created wow your own mindset first before you can think of others to be impressed too because beauty and being successful begins from within.

I must confess that this is one of the most important secrets of all times revealed as it goes a long way to digest the need for originality and need to please yourself in what you have created before others can appreciate you.

You want to draw people and make it to the trend. Ask yourself, did what i have created impress me? Put yourself in the shoes of others and imagine if it could have impressed you, should it had come from others. And when you get these solutions right, you will definitely find yourself at the trends.

I sincerely appreciate you @sissyjill for this thought piece, thanks to @steemsecrets for this great platform that digs out diverse secrets to aid growth and success and perhaps, biggest thanks to @surpassinggoogle for being the engine room of @steemsecrets. There is great wisdom in this one and i appreciate it.


@austinebizzy, it is really the most common problems and reasons behind steemians who chose to not visit their accounts anymore but because of sir Terry ( @surpassinggoogle ); and this precious @steemsecrets, I am blessed to realize and share to you guys one of the secrets for world-adjustments. I learned a lot from it and I hope you too. This is not only within the boundaries of steemit, it is for our whole being that whenever we go, impressing other people starts with impressing ourselves.

Most of us live our lives in mediocrity, that's why we can't have cutting edge successes. From now on, we must re-write the rules we have hitherto lived by and get down to having things done very very thoroughly and according to @steemsecrets, that involves stubbornly being our awesomest version of ourselves, then success would have no choice than to trail your path.

Yes @edith4angelseu it is time to for us all to 'go rogue' and write a new program of awesomeness-consciousness within our hearts & minds and through our expressions/responses/creations/actions <333

Thank you once again Terry @surpassinggoogle for blazing the path, showing the way, and holding space for co-creating this new world for and with all of us Steemians and Humanity. Hugs! and Highest of High Fives!! <333

Yeah! I learned a lot here and this makes my steemit journey more meaningful. This becomes a driving force for me to work harder and become the best version of myself :) Steemit learnings will never be limited here. This is also applicable to real-life situations especially having good and harmonious relationship with others people. :) thanks for your words @sissyjill! It means a lot to my journey here :)

Of course @levinvillas, there is more to what we think this journey leads us. Putting our own shoes to people who reads our post and ask ourselves if it impressed us is a must in this community. We should show the very version of ourselves that shows our limitless potentials. That is what sir @surpassinggoogle wants to imply with "consciousness evolution".

exactly! I strongly concur with you dearie.

It is indeed a very thoughtful piece and I must appreciate @surpassinggoogle for digging out these secrets and dishing it out to us on a platter of gold .

This steemit's secret from @steemsecrets hugely inspired me and It set me on the path to self-examination. Have I done well enough? Have I impressed myself enough? If I say I am not earning much here, have I gone the extra mile? Have I given all of myself as a gift to humanity by stubbornly being an awesomest version of myself? Then this is the time to look inwards and re-adjust to harness the deeply buried potentials and on a platter, release it as my gift to humanity, all of me, no holding back, then and only then would I have achieved the kind of success that comes with stubbornly being the awesomest version of you. Thank you for sharing this inspirational piece. I hear you!


You just elucidated better.
I'm really grateful for this piece that @sissyjill put together.

She was actually speaking to me.
I'm one very big defaulter when it comes to impressing myself first....

Thank you so much @julietisrael. @surpassinggoogle is dishing us the foods of wisdom that we can use even outside steemit.

Indeed, he truly is...
Thanks for being an instrument for dishing out wisdom too....

Yes oo, our post ought to impress us first so as to catch interest of the public audience.... It is easier for one to take risks and to chase his dreams with a mindset that he has nothing to lose. In this lies the immense passion, the great advantage of avoiding a materialistic, pleasure-filled way of life.

This just summarises some part that @sissyjill just said... Keep it up bro

I agree with you, but if you in there of the money, like most of us are, then you're scre*ed at the beginning. The best thing would be to just post about things you know, things that are inside your comfort zone, and to write about things you know. Otherwise, what's the point.

@incognitoct that is one real great thought. Money is only a bonus. The best thing here is to learn and share knowledge

ok. maybe i missed the point of steem. will try to do my best on being a good contributor

Its like examining ourself in all aspect. Then evolving it to empress ourself and later people will notice it :)

Indeed you have said it all, when our post doesn't impress us, then we should not think it will impress another, great, this is another great wisdom from @surpassinggoogle steemsecrets, thank you

Impressive post is the way to go ! When you invest your all as a gift to humanity in your posts, then the much needed attention will come. We still have some big shots here who hunt for great posts to reward and if it is the stubbornly awesomest version of yourself, it will receive good visibility and upvotes.

We are blessed to be here, being ourself and able to share it to others :)keep on inspiring!

abSOULutely @francesgardose <333 Cheers to that! and Bright Blessings :)

We are blessed to be here, being ourself and able to share it to others :)keep on inspiring!

@edith4angelseu ~ I will also toast to that!

This is all the motivational tonic that I need to set me on the right footing here on steemit.

#onelove #steemitisbeautiful #steemianforlife #bestselfever

@francesgardose please read and watch the other life changing lessons in @steemsecrets. This will surely make us keep on going

This is all the motivational tonic that I need to set me on the right footing here on steemit. I know I am speaking the mind of many, it's not too late to mend our ways, pick up the threads and do it right this time, start threading the path of stubbornly becoming the awesomest version of YOU.

That is so true @edith4angelseu. because from the beginning till the very end, it will always you and you only who can extract the limitless version of yourself.

Indeed @rejoiceavl. @surpassing is raising this awareness that what matters most is what we think about ourselves.

Yes, it starts with you, it's all about you and it will eventually end with you. So it's you, you all the way.@surpassinggoogle really wants us to understand who we are on the inside, to encourage us to our great inate abilities, for us to tap into our inner strength and come out with qualities to awe our World. It is achievable, yes, once we set our mind to it, we can be the best there is if we genuinely try

Exactly @edith4angelseu. You are a very amazing person to extracted the root of what @surpassing wanted for us to understand. I really respect you.

Thank you so much dear. The feeling is mutual.

yes of course as like i have learned in this community many things but one of the most important is that how to help others how to spread knowledge and how to be honest with other, awareness is much needed in every platform.
thanks @surpassinggoogle, and sissyjill.

This is like owning a resturant. While cooking and the food does not taste good to you, it will not taste good to your customers.

You have to love yourself first before others will love you.

A lil motivation this morning. Thanks @steemsecrets

That is the right example @youngcheif. Every growth starts within ourselves

summarizing the 11 station of life in this post

Hope you like it ;)

@austinebizzy that's true but do you know that there are cases that your post may not interest you but only to discover how amazing it is when you posted it and people love it so much.
I could remember when i did this post A DETAILED GUIDE TO HELP NEWBIE FROM MY ONE MONTH DEEP EXPERIENCE AND STUDY, it didn't really impress me at first until i posted it a few days back that it caught the attention of some curators and mini whales that i tend to now know it's worth and i started using it to welcome new people

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