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I decided to put this article up so as to give developers a little insight about being a web developer and how to manage hosting.

To become a web developer, you need to know there are three sides in web development;
UI/UX Design

I'm going to pick this sides one after the other and give a brief explanation.

UI/UX Design is the preparation of the website or web app. The Designer comes up with a design of how the website or web app will look. This is the first step that is taken when a website is set to be created so that the front-end and back-end developer will know exactly what to build, colours to use, shapes, fonts and so on. A UI/UX Designer is just like an architecture whereby the architecture draws the plan of the house with full details and then the civil engineer build exactly what's on the plan.

Front-end involves carrying out the design of the website and it structure, also the responsiveness of the website is covered in the Front-end aspect. Relating web development with building houses, Front-end developers are just like the builder of houses. They put brick or blocks on each other to bring out the exact structure in the house plan, that's what the front-end developer do in the case of building websites. Developers that are specialized in this area of web development are called front-end developers. Languages involved in Front-end are HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Jquery, React and so on

Moving on to the Back-end, the back-end is involves the communication of the website with the database and web server. To make the website function well for visitors like keeping data, processing data and giving back information. Languages used for back-end are PHP, NodeJS, Deno and so on

So to be a complete web developer that can implement all these functions then you have to be a full-stack developer. A Full- stack developer can perform both the function of a front-end and a back-end developer.

A developer needs to know that building a website without hosting is just like recording a song without producing and releasing it, nobody will know about it.A domain has to be bought also and it must be distinct. There are different hosting packages available to upload your website. Things to take note when choosing and hosting package; SSD, Bandwidth, SSL and backup. I can recommend three cheap hosting site with 99.99% uptime and good customer service ;

Thank you for your time and I hope this article helped one way or the other.

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