The first ever Steemit & Crypto currency race team!

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Yo Steemit!!
Wow, how far has this platform come in so short a time?! We are not creating ripples.. we are becoming a tidal wave that must be having all social media quaking to the core!

So I was laying in bed last night (not a nice thought for most people haha but bear with me) thinking about #steemit and how it really has the power to change everything. All it needs is for us to pick up the baton and run with it, spread the word & shout from the rooftops!

So as I was laying there thinking...

it suddenly dawned on me... I could combine the two things I love and spread the word at the same time! I could start my very own #steemit race team! wow!

Ok so a little background on me...
My name is Lee (b0y2k as known here) and I am a volunteer member for a local schoolboy Motocross club. I started racing with Mid Sussex Motocross Club many years ago and got talking to the other volunteers that run this non profit schoolboy club. They run race days for kids from the ages of 4 to 18, they also have 2 adult groups which are known as Adult A (18+ very fast haha) and Adult B (older guys, dads, battle worn hehe) which allow the fathers to ride and still support and teach their kids.

So after meeting a few committee members, I decided to offer my time up to set them up and run a website for info and to update the kids championship points. I have done this for quite a few years now and it has helped move the club onwards massively. I have helped from simply incorporating twitter to linking the the post race data provided by the mylaps transponder system they run on their bikes. Its been a real pleasure to see how the club has grown and is still growing.

So anyway that's what got me thinking of ways I could spread the word about #steem and combine it somehow with my other passion of #motocross.

That's it!! Eureka :)

Factory Steemit!
I could put forward the proposal for #steemit members to back me starting up my own #steem factory race team!

This is not a new idea #sponsorship I know... you have all heard of the major players even if you know nothing of #motocross. Red Bull, KTM, Monster Energy, Kawasaki... the list is exhaustive. We have the tools here to start something that could grow to rival these companies. Just like #steemit is small (compared) to them now, they all started out somewhere like this and as you know yourselves promotion in the right places is EVERYTHING!

So the plan is for me to startup Cryptos first race team!

I can fly the flag for #steemit and Crypto as a whole! Most people I talk to at the races have no idea what a Bitcoin is, or what Crypto Currency is doing to change the way we think about money. What better place to broadcast this but to the kids of the next generation!

They have grown up with Facebook documenting their every move. All it would take is to show them the revolution that is #steemit and they would 'get it' instantly!

With the people of #steemit behind me, I could then move this project forward. Sponsoring other riders, the kids that could really benefit from a helping hand in life, and show them opportunities on and off the track. All I need is a few seconds of your time and a few clicks of your mouse to make a MASSIVE impact!

I am a designer and a modest front end coder so I am happy to put my own spare time into designing the graphics, kit and anything else that would be needed to carry the message. I will do updates on the project here on #steemit and would be more than happy to give everyone we decide to sponsor #airtime on #steemit and a nice #introduceyourself as well. The pics here are just rough ideas so please don't judge them too harshly. I'm just throwing ideas around at this stage to see what kinda thing works and get a few ideas going.

I really can see this project doing some amazing things not just for #crypto and #steemit but for the next generation! They are going to inherit our choices and our decisions... Lets give them and us a running start :)

So #steemit... I can't do this without you...



I don't think that I am going to vouch for Steemit, but for Steem. Those are very different things. Steemit holds now 54% of all steems. That is about >$150 millions in value. Don't sure that there is any meaning in promoting centralized web service and US company at the expense of decentralized network. I'd recommend to move your focus to Steem promotion. Also that is my reason for downvoting

dont think thats a reason for down voting myself... be constructive.. So you want to take momentum away from the project? Thats all down voting this will do. please explain to me how taking money from a productive project that benefits people is a good thing? By all means push the information forward but dont take money way from the people we are trying to help...

You made more in one Post than anyone I found on Steemit to date... Great job...

Thanks @pocketechange, it was a great response i agree. I used the money to run a competition and i gave away 10 custom team shirts i designed. I have put alot of time into the project since then and things are going well.

Trust me this is not even close to the top earning post! There is a famous makeup post that earned ALOT more, here
also the dollarvigilante did very well.
Hopefully you will get a response like this soon :) good luck

I think that's an excellent point, and people tend to confound the two.

Should be made clear that steemit is a client implementation.

Hey welcome aboard! Wow really nice idea!

I am a designer and a modest front end coder so I am happy to put my own spare time into designing the graphics, kit and anything else that would be needed to carry the message.

I would be also happy to be of assistance on the design part with your motocross and car etc .. guess i'm able to help making motocross suited STEEM designs

taking the steemit community members into the project also doesnt sound like a badidea at all

it suddenly dawned on me... I could combine the two things I love and spread the word at the same time! I could start my very own #steemit race team! wow!

Wow! That moment must have felt like a mark of evolution. Using Steemit as a Kickstarter for Steemit. Brilliant idea and strategy.

I'm sure Steemit as a community will make this happen and support you. Yes, I am with you. We are with you.

:) Cheers @isteemit
it kinda feels like a win win to me :)

Cheers :)
It, indeed is a win-win.

it seems we just start unlocking the potentials of steemit

This is just te begining @ozmaster :) trust me!

Rock&Roll! i used to dream to be a motorcross biker. I'm glad to see a dad working out this angle with the Steemit! Namaste :)

I like motocross! and plus steemit, dream come true :)

Yes...I'll be a proponent of mixing steemit with our everyday activities. Especially if it involves the next generation. Sounds like a eureka moment.

A revolution just like your name. ;)

steemit becoming the crypto kickstarter:D

Seriously was! This could really work! I have been up since 4:30am thinking about this haha

hey @b0y2k i made several steem branded items: logos, wallpaper and now stickers. i will even send the stickers for free to the user:
your project sounds great, if you need any help with design, logo, branding i would love to help you out there. i'am a designer by profession and could definitely help you out there! :)

Thanks for the offer @dunja! I will drop you a line once things get off the drawing board :)
Stickers look great!

Seems it's working already... (5.6k in 9 hours)... good luck with your plan...

Thanks @alexgr, will take alot more as alot gets locked back onto the system but dont take that as a negative! Its only the start and it's great to see such support already! :)

I hear you will support your cause
Remember bullionstackers 👍👍👍👍👍

This reeks of marketing clickbait. Eureka would be the actual creation of steemit as a platform.

You too spooky
We are all here

It's not marketing clickbait @spookypooky, follow me as the updates flow in and hopefully i can show you my vision :)

I'll pick you up on the offer, I look forward to the results. Do forgive my harshness in reality checking posts and statements.

wow amazing initiative @b0y2k

merchandising looks great! i'm with you on that!

How about teaming up?
When I see you I upvote you n support your other posters

nice :) kinda reminds me of iRobot

the helmet looks comfortable with steem logo and colour

early designs @piapiao but a good base to work from :)

Wow! U've really put a lot of thought and effort into making this a reality! Hope it all works out for you!

Thanks @madnation. I've been thinking about this non stop since it came into my head haha. Sleep... i think i remember what that was :)

nice support for the community and a great way of advertising to the masses

It's great to see the seeds of something forming here @skorss! In my mind the two communities are very similar.. one is online and one is on land but they are all full of people who value and realise that together we can do anything :)

Thats too awesome, I used to love dirt biking as a kid. We weren't lucky enough to have a track lol just "the pit" then it was onto Downhill Mt Biking... which has to be the most exhilarating thing I've even done in my life (lol I still haven't owned a car worth as much as my DH bike was) But I'm long retired from that crazy fun.

It's great to see team steemit!! people from other sports will take notice if they're smart.

I'm working on getting a nice big decal for the back window of my delivery car (maybe a couple for my rear quater panels as well)

Cheers to you, great idea

I know that feeling mate... I grew up on a council estate (which now i know does have dirt bikes... for the wrong reasons! stolen ones...). I was always brought up to earn your dreams, not take them. So took me untill i was an adult till i managed to get myself a bike.

Nice one about the van lol! I've had a few comments from others about it as well haha.

My first dirt bike was an old honda xr80 when I was 10 y/o had to work off every penny of it cleaning my dads logging trucks etc lol I think he paid me 5$ per hour, 2nd bike was a bagged out kx250 lol that was way too big for me at 12 y/o... in my late teens and 20's on my own it was be able to afford a car or get a good (transpertation and fun) ha I didn't even bother getting my license till I was 29.

Cheers man, Yeah the van looks awesome, I hope your team steemit sits a top many podiums ;)

KX250 at 12 :o haha wow! that thing must've pulled your arms off! :)

Thats the way with motox... yes its a money game in the modern era but i still see people on the start line with bikes form the 80s etc... they hold their own and prove its all about the rider!

Still long for the old days tho.. i guess we all do eh ;)

I bet they do when they're taken care of and maintained properly, My old kx was pretty bagged out lol but yeah I had to be ready and have my weight in the right spot. At 6'1 and around 150 pds even now bikes ride like they don't even notice I'm on , My last street bike was a Suzuki SV1000S hehe 325km/hr and still had almost 5000 rpm left ;) (at 5am in the summer time on what felt like an abandoned highway... so as safe as possible) I'll own street bikes/dual sports and XC mountain bikes again but I'm done with the crazy stuff for sure (Not me but the MT I used to ride)

OMG :) This is it! We,ve got! This is life and Steemit is bringing fun in people 's life. In our world, it's what we need.

Thats exactly it!! We have the power now! Look at all the things RedBull or Monster sponsor! That's where we can really use the power of #steemit! :)

As a fellow motorcyclist I think this is an amazing idea! I hope it materializes! :D

@firepower!! great name!!! :)
I just wanna use the power we have here! we can really make a difference now.. i've had so much support and i don't get why people are hating on anything that uses this power to help the real world...

Woo! b0y2k Im glad bernie came and hijacked our comments yesterday and gave you some money to start up the team !! Keep us updated on how things go !

I will be doing regular updates on this project @calaber24p :) this is only the drawing board stage! :)

I'm blinded from the brilliance!

It takes ALOT to blind that brain @complexring :) I'm flattered :D

Thanks for explaining

envy you in a positive manner)

That means a lot @mrgreen, steemit is an amazing platform! Lets use the chances it gives us to really make a difference!

This is an nice consept.
I like this alot, a big vote from mee.
Keep up the good work

Cheers @nippel66, so pumped today after seeing the support :)

Hehe yess i think so. Here you get an great income. Hopes it help your team out ;) @b0y2k keep up the good work :}

Bravo Steemit forward !

Nice!! that tupperware torpedo is quick off the mark!! Corners... its always the corners :)

lets make adv :D

Coming to TVs soon! haha hopefully i will not be eating these words! :D

Great to see you are doing a good job volunteering for the children and combining your knowledge of as d designer

My skills that i can offer is the one thing i can do for free. That's why we need the backing of #steemit to help with the parts that cost. We can do this! :)

What s awesome project! Wish you all the luck

Thanks @yonuts :) luck and votes! thats what we need!

Sounds like you know what your doing so go for it and good luck

Hopefully i wont let you or #steemit down @karenb54 :)

I am sure you won't :)

Congratutlations !

This is a new revolutionary way to get sponsorship is amazing! Not only that but it is a good example and will let me explain how Steemit works to my friends.

Very cool!

Thanks @erik-prestinary :)
I really think its a great way to get the name out there and get people talking about it. You need someone there to explain things as nobody non technical is going to find and read the whitepaper...

This is really cool! Please keep posting 😃

how can someone downvote such an inovative idea, shame on you

I agree @ozmaster! I'm trying push forward crypto and steemit/steem. Sure i might get a few things wrong along the way but man... my focus is US and the COMMUNITY! we will never get anywhere if the general population don't know what we are trying to do or what alternatives are available!

Thos designs rock mate!...Luv the Steemit logo on the shoulder of the race top, almost gives it a tribal feel to it. Congrats on the steemit success!!

Thanks @cryptoiskey
Only a work in progress so far. Wanted to throw a few ideas around and see how it looked. The bike graphics are going to be the most challenging to design i think.

This idea is great and could be used for a wide variety of sporting activities. I'm really amazed how far you've taken it in such a short period of time. Can't wait to see it evolve.

@incomemonthly thats the power of #steemit! I really think this project can go the distance! We just need to make sure it gets the backing of the community :)

Hey, I plan to create simracing team Steemit, we race on rFactor2 wich is symulator. I join to the league with have live streams from races ( 3k views ). What do You think?

Great idea mate, the more reach we get the better the platform will get!

Great Idea and I see you put a lot of work to it!

Thanks @thinkngrow, you dont know how many times i wrote this and the deleted it and started again haha

That's so cool. Wish I could do something similar... Steemit could really help those in need and sponsor other activities than just endless 'travel' blogs. :D That's a little sarcasm!

Haha @sulev :)
Thats the thing, we can really do something here and all it takes is the community to get behind it! So little effort puts out a lot in help!

We are with you!
BTW, guys, anyone who comments here gets some money too along with helping a good cause!
So, upvote and comment please!

@richman thank you mate :)
We can do this!! Steemit has landed :)

nice @b0y2k

Good read and information! Thanks!

Go for it.

Good luck at the races!

Nice one @groovy. They always say there's two parts to a motocross race... From the start gate to the first corner, then the first corner to the finish :)

Thanks for sharing I wait for your next post

Such a good comment it was worth posting twice :) haha only joking thanks for the support.

Good job

This is such an awesome idea! I love racing myself! Would love to chat with you about doing this not only with motocross but auto as well!

Sounds like a plan @andrewnehring! Once we get the ball rolling we can sort something out :)

That sounds good to me @b0y2k - I dont how we will connect off of here so here is my email - feel free to reach out whenever brotha [email protected]

Noted @andrewnehring :) BTW you have my brother and fathers first name :)
its a sign :)

Nice background pictures you have here

this is such a great idea:O imagine the promotion for steemit, this s a kind off project we need more of!

Thanks @ozmaster mate
Yes this hopefully will be the start and a benchmark for the kinda changes #steemit can bring :)

Lol i hope thats a victory sign :D

I'm looking forward in seeing new teams in different sports being sponsored and backed up by Steemit. It really get's your name up there!
Keep up the good work!

@radub! This is the begining! the seed... lets how the media whos boss! we have control here!

I hate math,but i love counting money made by STEEM

Math is what makes your money work :) don't hate it.. appreciate it and click for the win :)

Can I make money on this project, $ 100 a month?

hmm not sure you are the target audience for this project but imagine a world where your influence can change the way people think about online interaction!

I am also excited to share and invite my friends on steemit but I need a good foundation not to look like fool because if Im going to tell them that they will be earning without paying dime, pretty sure that I will be flooded with questions, questions that I myself dont know the answer. I am sharing this to my wife but she does not fully believe it, well maybe because she knows that there are lots of scam around the internet. I think the only thing that will make things easier for me is when I already have something in my pocket.

Why would you look like a fool?
Do i?

I understand that people dont "get it" but thats the point...
Lets show them :) it's something they aleady know..

No you're not @boy2k. And you are right, lets just show them.

Welcome aboard!

:) choo choooo :)

Steemit - are designed for fast driving, leadership, and achieving heights!

Lets hope so @adela77! :)

Race on !!!! ;) good luck - Keep Safe ;) oh and a lot of 1st places ehehhe

Thanks @brunopro :)
Will do my best mate haha

all about steemit..

Thats what I'm hoping @phanie90 :)

Thanks for sharing I wait for your next post

Astonishing combination - steemit and motocross. Thumbs up!

I think so mate :)
Both sides have amazing communities behind them so its a great mix!

Cool!!! Steemit to the masses!

:) you know that @denaver!!

thanks, great idea!

steemit run fastest

together mate!! we can :)

yeah @b0y2k .... hold your steem coin till tomorrow... it will be like a rocket and go to the moon :)

:) that sounds good to me @rdwn :D

yeah for me too @b0y2k, i'll keep my steem coin... :)

Nice Story and Nice Picture! I Like :)

@jadelfalke cheers duder :) xx

Great post! And congratulate you being so popular! Also upvote you and you receive 5$ :))

If you dont mind look at my post about some secrets of tags!

Thanks @biletakiy :)
I really feel steem can move mountains :)

I race quadcopters and just joined the steemit community. I would love to promote either steem or steemit with my vimeo videos.

Not sure i can help @kobrafpv but sounds sweet :)

No problem, I think I can just get an image of steemit and put on my videos.

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lol thank you would be my most used :) hehe thank you @filip-martina

I think it's cool!!!

Thank you guys!! This is the start of something!!! :)

This is a new breed in sports sponsorship and marketing . It is fresh and have a long way to go . Maybe the next season of baseball we have a real marketing and of course the Superbowl halftime event.