Steemit Needs Series: Please comment with your ideas to improve Steemit!! | E. 18 | Sept. 9th, 2017 | Community Engagement | Archives to help Developers / Community.

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Hi again everyone! I am keeping my word to keep the series going!

I would like you to comment with your visual aids or written ideas of what you think Steemit can use to improve the Community for features and why.

Comments sections here are GOLD as we know, some great TIL learning and tips usually pop up too here.

Part of the reason I do this series and share other things / series I do, is for the TON of new people coming to Crypto and Steemit daily, I mention this daily in a post or comment somewhere.

They need help and resources. They feel lost when they are Steemit / Crypto noobs. I know I did.

Comments sections are great learning places for all of us -- but new Crypto folks especially.

It's now several weeks or so after the latest big changes, the latest Hard Fork (HF) / the Steem Powering downs latest rounds, many of those cashouts done and seeing some stabilizations, some bugs fixed etc.

The rewards pool is seeing a lot of changes again.......

Views, Spam, Engagement & Meaningful Comments:

Views and engagement still seem to be down and that is why I try to do so many posts / series to BOOST engagement.

The last while I have been wondering if it simply because we have so many accounts here now.

I was the first person to blog that I am aware of - of us crossing the $300k account mark recently here. The other part of me is thinking -- how many of those are just bots because that is a rising problem?

And if there ARE that many accounts.... one might think the comments section would be growing exponentially with all our posts too, right?

Spam and spammy comments are one of the biggest topics now every single day in the community here and many of us are struggling with it, and how to deal with it.

It's OK to gather new ideas but if the same issues pop up, that is great too, because it will send the message that something is more important to the developers and Steemit Elders. My goal is again - use this blog post as a resource to help the dev's and the community members. I can combine them into one post later on if needed to help developers or members.

It is easily searchable also -- as I use the same key phrases / words etc. in the title to keep it searchable - more easily.

I was trying to pick good tags...... I decided to use the TIL or HOWTO tags -- hoping someone either looking FOR help on learning something -- or someone looking TO help on these things would comment! I thought about that one for a couple mins.

If you want to tag people or share it so others can comment and contribute also, that is great. I have my own ideas and see a lot of people talking about it, but as someone who is NOT - I REPEAT NOT! tech savvy like many of you, and who is relatively newer to the Blockchain and Crypto stuff, I know my role is limited to give ideas, I am just a Fat Minnow LOL.

But I have been an activist for years, I am used to building community and gathering info and trying to help so I guess you can blame the activist side of me for this idea which I think is a good one -- an INTENTIONAL POST on the idea, to gather stuff in one place and be easily searchable and findable for all the IT types and developers etc.

Just my way of trying to contribute. I did not even know for sure what tags to use in this post, and I actually spent 5 mins looking and researching the best ones in the past to try and use, before I posted this LOL. I will edit the tags ASAP if you give me better ones to use!!

Noobs can find the TIL or HowTo tags and nuggets here helpful, as I mentioned earlier here.

If we can get some good feedback going, we can use these ideas, all in one place and people can refer back to them. That's why E.1 / E.2 /E.3...4/5/6/7/8/9, etc etc - was in the title, I am hopeful it is helpful as a resource.

We must always head towards the path of Liberty. And help others on this path.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Your input is definitely valued. I have been notified the Steemit Developers know of this series and can use it, and have asked for input from it to see what we want as a Community.

The Philosophy of Steemit:


Build a Community. Help One Another.

Blog. Comment. Find Good Content.

Get Paid.

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Things I'd like to see on steemit.

  1. A delayed post option, like you create the post now and set a date/time when the post goes live, like youtube haves for videos.

  2. A dark color theme, all this white makes me tired

  3. A more complex guide for the Markdown language, I made a guide with more tricks on how to use it and what can you do with it but I am 100% sure there are a many other things you can do with it.

That is a great idea, I’m very new, I had not thought of having the ability to schedule posts. That would be a wonderful enhancement. I’m grateful to those who created D Tube, who saw a problem and dug in and created something that will help everyone who wants to use it. I appreciate all of the time and creativity people here contribute.

What I would like to see is a bigger marketplace, a place where you can really pass from the crypto currency to the "real" world.

So if you want a t-shirt you can buy it with steem, if you want web design you can buy with steem, one day maybe you could do your grocerie and pay with steem!

I hope people will offer more services in the future to make it a "real" market! I think this will add value and bring more people in because its easier to see the benefits from it!

I think it would be helpful if the reputation of a user would not be shown next to the name. Showing the reputation numbers seems to have a herd mentality attached to it with hordes of people upvoting articles blindly. A lot of votes go to high rep users while something seems their posts are nothing but showing 3 graps of one coin together with a boilerplate footer message, and that multiple times a day. Such posts take away votes from minnows who try to deliver genuine and original content, but get no attention for their hard work.

I don't mind people receiving dividend for gaining a high rep but the herd 'upvoting' behaviour annoys me. It is not about the content anymore but upvoting because of some other reason (perhaps the idea that they gain more from upvoting posts that already have 50+ votes?). If that somehow could be investigated, that would be great.

Good points, I have pondered similarly over the months actually.

One other wish that came up. It would be helpful if the text editor provides for the option to place multiple paragraphs in Italics at once instead of having to do this for each paragraph separately.

I would Love for us all on Steemit to be able to go Live! I love making cooking vlogs or talking about being new to Steemit, interviewing fellow Steemians from VA. & MD. but it does take so long to transfer from my phone to youtube. I would love to be able to be at the River or an event or cooking up something in the kitchen Live from my phone. That might be something eSteem the wonderful app gets before I'm not sure! :-) Thanks for sharing info. with newbies like myself! I am getting some Crypto very soon....a small amount to start like $25 or maybe $40 but I'm happy I'll be starting at least! I'll add more weekly perhaps or bi-weekly. Have a great weekend!

I would like to be able to go live as well. That's a great suggestion.

Good poss

Get an app. A good UI app, like Facebook or Instagram. And also get messaging features directly, and not through steem chat.

Thanks for sharing... Love it.

Steemit is making some mistakes as other failed sites, specifically MySpace. When steemit allows customize banner etc it goes to direction of potential abuse.

It lacks technical breakthrough on its own.

Abusive whales gobbling minnow profits in name of plagiarism when it's really just censorship.

Muy honesto

I'd like to be able to send private messages to people. It would be nice to be able to ask someone a question or have a private one on one conversation

Its a good idea. But since we are ran on a blockchain. I don't see how that could be possible? DM, yes,but private, I am not sure how that could be done

Oh. My fault. I didn't realize that it wasn't even possible

It was still a great idea. And Idea's are GREAT ;).. And I am NOT a dev.. But i am familiar with Blockchain tech somewhat. And I just dont see how how PRIVATE dm would be possible. But definitely Direct messaging is, and that's something I would like to see also

The thing that annoys me a lot is the scrolling single posts on a Mac when using Safari browser - it is very laggy.

I would suggest adding a functionality for saving posts for later reading. The only workaround I can think of is resteeming the post.

Yes, many have said similar.... good input, thanks

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I dreamed I could press the translation button and enjoy the post without needing to run to google translate.

Good input, I have agreed this could be easier here too.

Thanks for support

No problem, Steem ON!!