The STEEMU Asks "What Are You Blogging About Today?" | E.100 | DROP YOUR LINKS & IDEAS here like mad!! - Pictures - Thoughts - Ideas etc. right here for Community Engagement!! (:

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I'm running this latest series and getting back at it, to once again try and help new/veteran Steemians, boost engagement, learn some things, meet new people, all that good Community stuff.


Encourage each other. Kindness. Community Building. Welcoming all Steemians with no Class Distinction. Friendship. Relationship Building.

I give people a place to legalize spammy blog post link dropping every week and build community a couple times LOL.

We can do more, if we help one another.


Let's set ourselves apart from other social media sites in as many ways as possible!

Courtesy of PixaBay where images are freeeee to use!!! (:

That's right. I just said that. It is the Steemit Emu... thus - a STEEMU. I came up with this little fella a few mths ago!!!

He is here to check on you and poke into your business to see what you are up to, with everyone else in the Steemit Family!

Pls. Resteem / Share the link on others pages where you feel you can and invite people.

New people! Older Steemians! Everyone is welcome!

Try to engage and help others, we are SteemitFamily I always say!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Please note -- I will have limited internet access for awhile -- so PLEASE do not be upset that I cannot reply right away, or to everyone. I am dealing with some changes, and will have limited time online and will be happy if I get a few blog posts up a week.
This has really upset some people but I do not force my opinions on others, or need to communicate every detail of my life or issues, most people do not care anyways. I invested around 10 hours or more a day on Steemit most of my first 13 mths here, I just do not have that time in my life right now, and that includes for replies and voting/curation.
I have done my best, sorry if you do not understand like some are clearly having a problem with. It's a blogging platform, and I will do my best at everything, and to keep blogging.
Carry On.