The Epic Steemit BLACKLIST (Consequences Will Never Be The Same!)

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So apparently some huge blacklist was out that has been removed that pissed off a ton of people. It had more listed then are active on Steemit supposedly. Wow, more drama and negativity to throw out there when prices and morale in Crypto is low across platforms. Way to go.....I was not on this list because the whole nature of the data collecting was weird and left off tons who used other methods then Steemit to get on here.



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Avoid self-appointed "Authorities" who make lists.

If someone owns a bot and wants to decide to not serve a certain set of customers, I take no issue with that.

If someone makes an arbitrary list and publishes it, with the idea that people can "get off it", the level of busybody, control freak bullshit in that triggers me. Especially when the "List Maker" hasn't been a perfect actor herself. Sometimes a person's character gets revealed one too many times.

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some wanna yank votes, no worries, the whopping amount given I can make up my minnow ass self

all images giphy or me myself and I

self aggrandizement,

If you ain’t blacklistin’, you ain’t tryin’!

Or is it blacklistED?

So true, so very, very true....... WellwornOilyAyeaye.gif

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Somehow the response to the "exception list" is drama, but the list itself is not. Half-assed apology here

Yesterday we saw a little drama here on Steemit down to an exclusion list that had published ...

Apart from finding people rude, aggressive and obnoxious because of the list, and firing blame on loss of support being down to my list, that in fact was viewed just 6 times before the additional publicity given by yesterday’s breakdown by people ...

... while receiving abuse from others.

I also saw the comments referred to as a "witch hunt" on the original post announcing a site that had been up for four days before those of us willing to do something about it did something about it. Unless something has changed since last time I looked, none of the comments were even remotely close to "drama", "rude", "aggressive", "obnoxious", or "abusive" compared to creating an arbitrary shit-list with almost every active account on Steemit included.

Steemit just wasn't ready for it???? They do say timing is everything and perhaps while morale on MANY platforms including EOS is shaky at best , posting this on here is odd. Also basically insulting our intelligence in a back handed manner , well at least it came across that way. Another day another drama
which gives me more material to work with for my award winning blog that is famous in my own mind

Remember we weren't "ready" for "THE GAME", by Matt Trainer either.

oh yeah and the people pushing him on that , well ;)


Why the list gotta be black?

no joke, should be Aubergine or Burnt Sienna

lmFAOOOOO that's something I would say ^^^

I must live in a different world - I missed all that drama. Now, I don't even know if I am important enough to get black listed LOL

same, cries

Same @mariannewest. Maybe @ paulag should spend her time doing helpful projects versus blacklists

you are lucky to have missed it @mariannewest .. xoxo

Hahahaha, I love this gif essay! Keep steemin' my friend! I've been active in steemit since April 1st, and may I say... I really enjoy your articles, always!

I'm glad you enjoy it, :)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Bwahahahahaha! This was a good chuckle


grrrr.... that's what I deserve for copy pasting a link off a meme site!

here's a better one:


no copy, no paste hehe

bwuahahahah nice!!

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Seems like there are better ways a supposed leader on here could spend his or her time.... just saying 🤔

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