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With the rise and increase in the use of steemit, the focus of social media is changing drastically with time. I could see the brains behind steemit is not just wanting to create a social platform but also a social media platform where you earn even with what you share among your fellows and the commenunity. STEEMIT is here to empower the growth and greatness of fellow users. This is a great system heading towards greatness.

Steemit just dont allow anyone to register, but it takes little time to go through verification process before approva which is a way of strenghtening the community. 

I have being to see great mind who have the power of taugh put down and still make money. Everyone here share informations benefiting one another and still get paid. I have not seen any other system more cordinated like STEEMIT.

I welcome everyone already using steem and prospective new users.



Agree with you. For me personally it is the crypto side in combination with the total lack of saltiness on the platform. Basically it's facebooks friends aspect which is beaten by Steemit's reputation system in my opinion. It seems to work really well and even with this heavy influx of new people the salty types are usually discovered within a day by some whales and put on a -7 reputation level (apparently that is the minimum, at least the lowest that I have encountered). Have fun out there and good luck with your future posts.

Thank you for comment. You said it all. Steemit is awesome kind of social media. Please follow me @bewajijohnson and upvote

Steemit is one hell of a great social media. It can only take a genius to think of something like this. I bet people cant even conceive that its possible to get paid on a social media but the creator conceived and saw it through. Thumbs up

Thank you for comment. I appreciate your response. Those behind steem are just genius. I just love this platform.

"Good to Great" doesnt represent the gap between Steemit and those other sites! ha.

The ONLY social site that allocates the money to the appropriate place.

Fuckerberg and Facebook can suckerberg a bag of dicks!
That little turd shouldn't be worth what he is.

Steem is the future of the Social Media who agree with me !!

Thank you for comment. Kindly follow me. I appreciate.

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