Only post login available

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

Today when i tried to login with my owner pass to converst SBD to STEEM and i found this:

it only allow me to login with the post key , do you know if it is normal because of the next hard fork or i  should have too the login option in active and owner too?

could someone please check his account and tell me if it happens too in his account ?

Update i have been checking more accounts and i see this issue with all accounts, only post login is available (you can check going to some account to permissions tab)


I am having the same problem, since changing them all and only logging into my posting key. Owner and Active keys are not showing the Login or Show links at the side...

lets wait for an update of the dev team, i hope it is only temporal until they do the needed updates

Thank for the upvotes but could someone please let me know if he have the login option at active and owner?

hi @bhokor, I've just asked this on the slack channel.
And someone answered: "I believe so, yes. As I heard all owner and active functionality has been disabled"
I think it is related to transfers being not possible atm as well, my guess is because of the recent hack..

Ok guys now it seems to be fixed, actually allows to login like active, but still not like owner

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