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RE: fundamental question for steemit 1, SNS based on the Rewards ?

in #steemit7 months ago

better interface, easier way to browse around, better searches, easy way to register (that 2 week wait was crazy, in this day and age people forget what they registered 2 weeks ago)... a lot of things that go before the rewards problem. especially at this prices. a dollar a day means nothing even here and not to talk about "developed" countries.


I fully agree with you some thing to be done before the rewards.

I fully agree
With you some thing to be done
Before the rewards.

                 - slowwalker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

because if you have a place where general public wants to be, rewards are a bonus. and not hypeing expectations that everyone will be rich when they join the platform. more like, it will buy you coffee from time to time, and non other platform is buying you coffee :)

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