Don't Get Down Over Quarantines!

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In Light Of Recent Developments

I live in Pittsburgh PA USA, and the unprecedented situation that has been presented to us has caused some serious disruptions to our normal every day lifestyles.

But this isn't necessarily a horrible thing. Yes it is awful that we are dealing with this, it is awful that real people have lost their lives over this, and the economic impacts around the world are yet to be determined.

All of this is temporary though and we as people will overcome this obstacle! Because that is what we do. If you listen to the news its all doom and gloom. But that isn't true either!

In this time we need leaders to come forward! People who can see the bright side! The bright side is we will make due with what we are dealing with!

Take this time to work on personal development. Get back to making connections and building meaningful relationships. Spend more time with your families. The people that we rarely see anymore because we are too busy running to and from.

Start a new workout routine. Start eating better. I have been able to buckle down and get focused on my school work. My children are home from school my work is closed they closed liquor stores, bars, hotels, restaurants are takeout only, so we have found creative things to do. Playing games together, building puzzles, coloring etc.

It takes 30 days to form a habit. If we use this time to get into GOOD habits they will just carry on after this passes and we could come out better people because of it!

Do good deeds for elderly people around you. Doing good things for people make us feel better overall! So even though things look awful this may actually be a good thing!

Let me know your thoughts, how are things unfolding in your area? Looking forward to connecting on a deeper level with all of my online friends and followers over the next several weeks as we get through this together!


Hey Howie,
It's really a tough time for the world now as we battle this Corona scourge.
I quite agree with you that this is the time for us as a people to come together and squash this virus. Now is the best time to appreciate all that matters to us.
This pandemic is definitely disrupting some our daily ways of life in various degrees as it affects individual lives.
But in my hood, and country generally, it's largely business as usual. Only God knows why the virus is almost non existent in our lands, except for one or two incidents of foreign Nationals who are infected that arrived in my country recently and they have been quarantined.
The truth is we seldom don't have a proactive government that responds to situations on time. The borders and sea ports are still open for business. The checks are now just being put in place after almost a year of the virus outbreak.
The only reason I can safely deduce for our people and land being Corona free is that we have some form of natural immunity in our blood plus the fact that we live a tropical hot climate where the daily temperatures are very high. The sunshine here is something else.
The only downside for me in all this Corona pandemic is the cancellation or suspension of all major football/soçcer leagues in the world!!!ll My sporting season enjoyment has been disrupted!!!! Damn!!!
Now, I have to look elsewhere for relaxation and fun. I guess I will have to do more sexual activities to keep me from loosing it or blowing a fuse😀😀😀😆.

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You are funny my great friend! Love your sense of humor and overall outlook on life!

Are you going to be joining to avoid the hostile takeover of #Steemit or are you going to continue to hang out here?

Just curious about how all of that is going to shakeout and it is really quite a shame how all that happened. People have spent years building a following and building their brand here to have to completely uproot now.

I myself will probably stay here, maybe join Hive( which I understand may get sued if the name isn't changed) and try to figure out how to use it and so forth. I am just getting the hang of how to use the tools to post here lol and I am still not even that good at it🤣

Looking forward to your response and trying my best to stay close to those that have truly become friends!