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What is Really Going On Here?

Hey Steemians,
I hope you're all safe and healthy. I just wanted to pen a quick post today to remind everyone that although the Coronavirus is NO JOKE we can take a few precautionary measures to protect ourselves.

  • Wash Our Hands Frequently
    I have always been taught sing the Happy Birthday song twice while using soap and warm water to vigorously wash our hands and that is enough to kill most bacteria and germs.
  • Stay Hydrated
    One of the leading causes of death is dehydration when running a high fever.
  • Stay Home From Work If You Have A Fever
    Someone will cover your shift and they won't be as angry about you calling off as they will if you infect the whole office with the Coronavirus!
  • Take Vitamin C To Boost You Immune System
    You can do this by adding more fruit to your diet or with vitamins and supplements.
  • Avoid Hanging Around Sickly People
    This should be a no brainer but I am just jotting down reminders that I have always been told.
  • Don't Go To The Doctor Or Hospital For Non-Emergency Issues Right Now
    If you show up here for an ingrown toenail you're just asking to get sick!

Remember that this is a virus, and the flu is currently more hazardous than Coronavirus it is just not being reported. Germany earlier today just started its pandemic protocols. China's supply lines came to a screeching halt. And the stock markets all over the world are in free fall.

This reminds me of a book I read from Jonathon Cahn a few years ago called the Harbinger. It makes me wonder if there isn't something more nefarious taking place right now. Without treading down into conspiracy theory territory we have dealt with the global pandemics many times in the past, the bird flu, the swine flu and so forth.

Just wondering what everyone else's thoughts are on this.


Hey Howie,
How are you doing today? Hope you are doing well and enjoying the weather!
No matter the conspiracy theory that this situation spins, the truth is people are dying from this virus almost all over the world now.
It is really sad to know at the back of your mind that someone somewhere is profiting from the misery the world is passing through.

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