Ned Scott's Keynote on Steem at CryptoFinance Live

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Watch Ned Scott’s Presentation:

“Cryptocurrency, Social Networks & the Attention Economy”

If you want to follow along the slides from the presentation are available here!


Picture of the audience:

That's a good sized crowd!

Yes, was around 150 :)

bigger than i thought. that's awesome actually. good job with promotion.

I really wanted to show this to my friends and family on facebook so I used your video and the pdf presentation to put together another version of this video.

Someone as invested as you in Steemit should have a look at my article on the falling price of Steem:

So interesting ! Wish I could attend...

That's awesome!
Good to see Ned in one of his first Steve Jobs moments ;D

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Where is the information about the future of Steem? Is there a marketing strategy? Will the platform it in Beta indefinitely? The roadmap listed on has already been run.

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