Steemit Hackathon Day 2 Livestream

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Steemit Hackathon Live Streamed directly from Telenor Arena, Oslo!

Program Saturday 15th (CET)

14:30 - 16:00 Morning Seminar with Ned Scott
16:15 - 16:20 Enin on AI and CryptoFinance
16:30 - 17:00 Zeipt on Open Banking and PSD2
18:00 - 19:00 Live Hangout


I see a little green on poloniex. Still holding sbd for now though


Paul from Enin here.

The slide-deck for the presentation I held can be found here:

If anyone is interested in having a chat or have any questions after, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] :).

Loved your presentation!:) Incredibly interesting everything you talked about. I was especially impressed by the potential you mentioned about AI on the blockchain. Because we have this transparent environment where there is an incredible amount of information. For people it can be overwhelming. For programs it can open totally new possibilities.

There was one question I wanted to ask which some of us talked about and I will throw it out here. Would love to hear if anyone else has thoughts on this also.

I am thinking about the relation between AI and the intelligence of the crowd of people. You talked about something similar when you mentioned swarms. Could you see a kind of hybrid intelligence in the near future? Where programs evolve together with the understanding of people all around the community? What are your thoughts in general on the possibilities of hybrid super intelligences which integrate the best of human and artificial intelligence in combination?


Hybrid intelligence is definitely something that is, and will be happening. By is, I mean that there are several cases of machine intelligence already used in combination with human intellect, for example for marketing and similar, and I think this trend will be increasing in the future. Todays best chess player isn't a computer or a human, it's a human using a chess computer. This "hybrid" can beat pure machines and humans. I'm not sure how this will work in the future, though, but Enin, the startup I'm building, intends to build such a hybrid solution for financial sentiment.

Too cool, have it running in my theater room. So much for getting "honey do list" done today.

lol at the guy(s) who obviously wants to create a Steemit bot net. He keeps talking about ethics but if you give too much power to newb accounts only bot master will rule. Jesus some of these guys ideas are bad @ned stay strong!

@christoryan check it out ryan☕

When @ned said the 4 post soft limit should go.

"We have 12 people watching us!"

I was one of the 12. Good discussion!

On the fact that new people don't have hardly any affect on post payouts -- I understand the math in the code is structured so that one person with 20 SP has more effect than 2 people with 10 SP each, to prevent Sybil attacks. But if the exponent could be lowered, that might help. I had read at some point that the SP was squared or cubed, when calculating voting rewards. Maybe something like an exponent of 1.1 would still slow Sybil attacks while flattening the curve of rewards given per SP.

It seems there could be other ways to deal with Sybil situation where one person has multiple accounts. There could be two tiers of voting ability, where unverified accounts would have a fraction of the voting power of verified accounts. To verify, pay $1 or some amount, via credit card.

Or have voting power based on activities. Gamify it so you can level up for doing activities. Level up by posting an intro post, voting so many times in a given time period, being active at a certain level per day, moving a certain amount of Steem or SBD to others, etc. The higher your level, the higher your voting power percentage. Make people do work on each of their accounts if they want to have multiple accounts.

Just various thoughts that come to mind as I watch the live feed.

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I was very interested in the AI and the blockchain talk, but the audio was a bit of a challenge for me to comprehend. Hopefully the slides do get posted somewhere, and links to other mentioned material. Is this thing being recorded so we can listen again in the future?

Yes. Some of it has also been recorded with a HD camcorder.

Great to see this :)

When @ned said the 4 post soft limit should go.

Obviously he loves his new ring!
He can't stop touching it :)