Going Down Hill Fast

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Things are on the turn here in in Ireland. All the laughing and joking is now turning into worry. We have got 225 beds that are equipped with ventilators. Our positive result graph is on par with Italy where there are 10,000 ICU beds needed. We are in big trouble and the surge is coming. The public have started to take social distancing seriously but there is still the odd idiot that is having a lock in with his mates in the pub. Cheltenham festival have seen a mass of people gathering in Britain which only started taking Covid-19 seriously from last week. The British started with a policy of herd immunity which you wouldn't even see dictatorships. They have since did a u-turn realising that herd immunity would not be the way to go sacrificing 250k people. Meanwhile both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland have two different policies on how to approach this. Schools only closed up the North last week. Too little too late. It feels like a perfect storm. My wife is a microbiologists and she is seriously worried about what is about to hit. Doesn't help that she is 20 weeks pregnant.
800 people died in Italy today. London is in big trouble and half the population of the states is probably infected by now because testing cost money. We will know more in a few days when the death toll starts rocketing. New York is seeing this already so I expect every major city to have massive problems in the next few days.
A simulation was done in the states in 2001 of the affect of a pandemic. It was milder than this virus but lets just say it did not fair well. The glass is usually half full with me but this time it is the other way around. The world is going to change after this. So what normally is a funny post especially my first one on the Hive. It is quite the opposite. Great branding by Hive by the way. I look forward to posting on this platform. Best of luck to everyone and let's hope it doesn't turn out like Steem. Decentralised and not an Orwellian idea of decentralisation. I see some big Steemit names did not make it on the arc. One in particular stands out and an app of his I use frequently. Its strange this new decentralisation. It seems some accounts are more equal than others already!!

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