The Repercussions of Not Acting Faster Will Come to Light This Week

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Some UK citizens were tuning into the Irish prime minister (the Taoiseach) and were ignoring their own governments advices two weeks ago in Britain. Britain first went for the herd mentality approach but then crunched the numbers and double backed.
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This took valuable time while sporting events such as Cheltenham where half the royal family picked it up, Stereophonics gigs and matches still went ahead. They say the Champions League game between Atalanta and Valencia is the main reason why CoVID-19 did massive damage in Lombardy Italy. This was a month ago. This was only one game. Imagine that multiply x 100 and this may be what is going to happen in the UK over the next two weeks. They were too late getting their ducks in a row. Schools in Ireland are closed while children were still attending schools in the UK up until 2 weeks ago. The USA are in the same boat. Trump did not act fast and testing is way behind that of other first world countries . They are in big trouble. 200k dead in the states will be a conservative estimate. My wife is a microbiologist in a hospital in Ireland and she is very nervous right now. This is not just the flu. This will devastate economies especially in the third world where they do not have the health systems to cope with this. June is a conservative estimate of when we will be out of quarantine. By then alot of businesses and governments will be in serious trouble. This will not be a recession. This will be a depression!

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