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RE: Steemd is now completely free to use with an MIT License

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Not sure why this just popped into my head... but it did... so I just had to create it HAHA.

Ned, This is One Excellent Contribution to Society!

I was thinking that Titanic went on the bottom of the sea.

Looks a lot like the truth on fakestream media!

I am informed that you can use any currency - by a witness - I need to think through the ramifications very closely but ... it does not appear to hold any gremlins as a concept. Please tell me if you see otherwise.

I wouldn't read into my little image too much ;) just purely an image that came to mind that I thought I'd share but I'm curious to see what could be drawn from the image... @noisy seems to have one

It was just a joke.

Yes but everybody speak about it now

Now that's creative and funny :D