Vote Power thoughs and seeking clarification

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Should it not be, that your voting power is distributed among your votes? If you vote once, in a day, then it is consumed completely by that vote. If you vote 10 times it is distributed equally among those 10 votes. But you have the incentive to vote often, since it is more likely for your vote power to be distributed among winning posts. This vote power would be different, something distinct from the current vote_power implementation, a different system completely.

the current system makes it most advantageous to vote each 38 minutes, which I find bizarre. If you space your votes too far apart, or too close, you lose out. And you are also asked (for maximum rewards) to hit a special target number of votes per day/week. it seems to be an illogical system for humans, giving bots big advantage.


Why did you downvote my post; how was it offensive in any way?


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It does seem to be set up for curation bots and that is where the "money" seems to be coming from for many of the "whale" posts as well.

Unfortunately the current system encourages automated voting, as you say here. What is particularly unfortunate about that is bot-curation overlooks hundreds of potential "gems" put out by minnows who get little notice in favor of "meh it'll get more votes" so that the bot owners can rack up curation rewards.

I suppose one option to combat it could be "anti-curation" but in my opinion that would be flag abuse. So the method I go with is to only manually curate and to encourage others to manually curate. I read and interact with posts to try to curate high value regardless of whether it comes from a minnow or whale.

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