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Before anyone could properly value anything as obscure as a digital token, they would need to understand what that digital token does that makes it so valuable. As a part of the Exchange Series research I offer for sale (and give away for free here on steemit...) I will include some ideas I have which show some of the potential value in a certain coin I learn about. This is meant to help the readers vision of the coin expand to more than just numbers on portfolio tracker and into the actual value to be expected from their coin in the future.

These coins are becoming valuable because they make our lives more efficient and enable us to do things in more productive ways. The future will not look like the past in some very extreme ways because of this technology, these Prospective Use Case's are just one persons ideas about what it could look like.


What It Does...
Creative Chain automates the technical process of attributing, distributing, & monetizing any sort of digital creative content. This is assuming the developers and creators of the blockchain achieve what they're attempting, as I understand its potential.

Why It's Valuable...
How many different communities exist which develop collective works without any intent to earn money from it? Every single class in Elementary, Middle, & High School do this every single year. If those classrooms used the steemit blockchain to document and grade the work, the attention the teachers and parents gave to their school work could end up funding the children's college education. This is no joke.

If a College computer graphics program used the CREA blockchain to document every individual piece of work that went into a 4 year long production, that would enable each teacher and student with the ability to monetize their time and effort over that four year period. This is added on top of the value Steemit is adding to those four years.

Online education groups teaching anyone interested how to use Blender could collectively create scenes which became a feature length movie over the course of a year. Each student retains autonomous monetary rights to the individual pieces they create towards the full production and an entirely new educational industry is born which ends up with students and teachers creating their own value in the process of educating, rather than paying for it and earning only 'symbolic' value from the process.

The world of Blockchain enabled value creation will be revolutionary. These are only three very broad examples of how this means of digital interaction allow us to do things in better ways.

For more thoughts like these, and much more ;

Twitter: @BPR_HODL
Gab: @broadperspective
Steemit: @bp9930
Reddit: @BPResearch
Website: coming soon...


Really a great tutorial for a newbie as me.
Thanks @bp9930

How do you come up with these ideas???

I worked 15 years in architecture before deciding to try my fortune in the blockchain world. That trained me to think abstractly and build large structures using many smaller components. This type of thinking translates into whichever field you wish to apply it. Really helps look deeper than the surface of any topic and disassemble it's components.

The CREA team came up with the idea, I just did some thinking and figured out how their idea (and steemit's, they are very complementary) could fit into existing communities or groups. There are thousands of use cases even more powerful than these that others will think of and implement in due time.

The blockchain is really revolutionary, with it's special attributes there are many new things we'll create that couldn't exist before. Very exciting times we're in.

I must admit to the brilliance of your ideas, i could do with some lessons....

Thank you for the kind words.

Many of the videos and posts I create will become a part of a larger lesson plan in the future, you and all the others paying attention to them are getting all of the unrefined ideas and processes.

There is a method of learning called The Trivium Method, it's very old but rarely used in modern times. Basically it teaches an individual how to break a topic down into it's elementary pieces (Grammar) which can be studied and understood with less difficulty when isolated. This is the who, where, what, when, etc. of a topic.

Logic is the second phase of investigation, determining why the primary pieces you studied in the grammar section fit together like they did and made the result they did.

The last part of the Trivium is formally called Rhetoric and it's the process of describing a subject to other people so they can understand it on a similar level.

Looking at some of these blockchain startups through a Trivium lens really helps a person understand why they have potential and where it can be applied. The Trivium really took the education I received in my architectural career and taught me how to apply that same process into whichever field I choose. Very powerful idea.

First time hearing the word "Trivium" and more importantly, isn't there a better way to publicize your posts so other people can read, upvote and generally be a party to your ideas??

I see the number of views and upvotes and it just doesn't make sense to me.

https://broadperspectiveresearch.com/ is the website and online shop I'm making to start selling my research.
I've also started a twitter https://twitter.com/BPR_HODL
and a GAB https://gab.ai/BroadPerspective which I do updates on.

This is all stuff I've just started, so I expect it will take a while to catch on.

Makes sense now 👍

you are doing good sharing. thank you bro.

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