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Dear @Blockbrothers,

I RESIGN as Community Manager for Blockbrothers, I wish you well and and a sunny future. It’s been a pleasure, but it stops here.

Love Britt



Wow, there must be something in the water! As a recent resignee, I have to respect your courage. This in no way negates the respect I have for blockbrothers and @exyle in particular whom I consider a friend, but good on you and if you ever want to chat with a fellow resignee/community person, don't hesitate to reach out. Telegram @andrarchy is best

There are a few resignees and that’s a loss but can also be a new road to the future. Respect is still here and I might just take you up on it, cause a future without steemit isn’t a solution for me.
Have a good weekend and as I said before thanks for all you invested in the last 4 years

Check my reply on Telegram. Thanks

Wow thanks for the nice words

😘 hope dust settles soon on Steemit. Blogging is all about enjoyment and having fun right?

That will be soon i am confident about that

Me too!

Was this what you were looking for ?

Thanks for standing up for what you believe in Britt.

And thank you for your reply I appreciate it very much

Wow! Things are really changing huh?! I wonder what's coming next! </3

Well we will have to keep faith and stay confident that all will be well

Hoping for the best and doing my best to keep the roll going for a better future of this space. :) <3

Well we will have to
Keep faith and stay confident
That all will be well

                 - brittandjosie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Major respect to you britt. Thanks for supporting the community! STEEM ON!

Always ! Steemit will always be apart of what I do and stand for , have a great weekend

What about STEEM tho? :P

Where steemit is steem is right along side of it !

For now, anyway :O

All the best Britt you are a darling of the chain no need to get pulled into politics! Keep doing what you’re doing and making my feed a brighter place

You just made my weekend with these nice words and let’s all hope for a great steemit future and let’s both brighter it up

Justin: I’ve invested 70 millions here and I want to be in control of this you are my shit 11 requirements, if you agree you will be in the list of witnesses I will put on the top 20 because I have the power... you can have your part of the leftovers!

Vote removed!

You rock @brittandjosie, I wouldn’t expect less from you dear friend.

I don't know if it's true but Justin bought his steem for only 350.000 dollars? 58.000.000 steem for... okok I think it isn't true... I just came from town hall meeting.

The details of the Steemit sale are not public but he did buy them OTC from Ned at a discount.

Yeah I thought he bought it for like 10 or 5 million or something like that but... If you buy it so cheap... There must be a catch to it right? Well I come with a statement also this weekend. Not that it matters😂😂🤣😉 well if you buy a bike for 25 euro in Holland don't buy it there is a catch to it in this case probably stolen. Not in the case of steem of course.

That is not public information Hans @hans001

Okok well I thought I saw it in the meeting public okok

That’s sweet I appreciate it very much @drakernoise


Upvoted and resteemed @brittandjosie. One of my first Witness votes now removed. What a mess ... 😞

Hi friend i know maybe we can change that again in the future, have a great weekend and thanx for the Vote of confidence

Sorry to see you go, but ofc no hard feelings. I fully respect your decision. Thanks for all you did for us!

This means very much thank you, have a safe flight

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18000 is pretty darn good news

And yet you vote for @goodguy24?

Oh fuck thats the wrong one .... changing now ..... thank you for correcting this huge mistake

Hi @brittandjosie

Great respect for your decision

Thank you I hope in the end all be ok and we can move on with steemit life

All my respect to you my friend! 👏👏👏

Thank you friend and have a great weekend

Thanks :)
Stay cool ;)

For sure i will

Lots of love Britt. What a challenging time.

It sure is but who knows what will come from all of this

I understand your move completely Britt!

Thank you I appreciate that very much

We've been friends for some time, and just like in the past, I respect your decision. I'm certainly sorry to hear of it...


#tomorrowisthegoal indeed wes @wesphilbin and who knows what come of all of this and I can do a #thoughfuldailypost on it

I'm sorry this war has come to this, but I believe you've made the right decision considering the blockbrothers' post, cowing to the Emperor.

Hi Lori thank you i hope we all will make the best decision for the future

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Heya Mama! Good luck on your next adventure.

Those blockbrothers sure are making me SMH!

My next adventure is on steemit for sure

what happened?!

@tomoyan sometimes you need to, thank you and have a great weekend

That's really horrible... Looks like they're after the money, bribe and back stubbing the community for power.


Well @cloudspyder like S3rg3 below says that we don’t know, future for BB has always been with a great steemit for all of us, we wont know for a little more time.

I have been very upset and shamed of you since yesterday.But then,now I see this post and I am feeling bad.I should have had more faith in you.I am sorry for whatever I said to you earlier.

I hope you will understand.It is the best decision you made,you chose us over your friends from the blockbrothers. We will be with you and love from all of us.

I had to bite my tongue in the discussion when I was attacked. But don’t think that all was and will be easy, it’s all for the best future

I’m sure (almost) the whole community supports your decision. Thank you!

I love that too but in the end we all want the best platform lets steem to the future

Very understandable. Good luck out there and freeSteem on!

Thank you for understanding and Offcourse we all will steem on and hope for a bright future

Sorry to see this... I agree with your stance. I wouldn't have stayed either... Changing my witness vote.

John its a weird time let’s hope for the best @bengy

I am sure there are many other communities that could use and would welcome your help.

That’s a very nice compliment you just made my weekend

Vergeet niet om jou header aan te passen, effe de gom over het laatste stukje...


I did, thanks you for your reply.

Best wishes to you @brittandjosie. !BEER !trdovoter

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Hi Justin thank you, and happy weekend for you and your 3 girls @justinparke

@cloudspyder thank you for the respectful reply

That must have been a very tough decision for you. Respect and cheers to a new chapter.

@oaldamster Yes it was, lets hope this all will come to an end soon and we can go on steeming again

Yes, I do hope so too.

Have a good weekend @brittandjosie!

Good on you girl. A sunny future is definitely what they're after....

Well I guess and hope we all have a great sunny future here, and I thank you for your lovely reply I appreciate it

Hopefully they take you for farewell drinks at the pub.

A beer in their case hahhah offcourse no hard feelings

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Muchos gracias

thanks Britt! I hope everything will get better soon!

Hi sweethart thank you , offcourse it will i am confident

I think from what I've seen you did a great job as a community manager.. too bad things turned out this way. I was checking if there were any new statements, but silence on the other side so it seems?

Good that you stand up for what you believe in <3

Thank you dear i very much appreciate this message

So sad that you had to do that :o

Well hopefully life on steemit settles down and we all have a solid steemisfere again

I sure hope so :)

Yeah so sorry to hear this... But I respect your decision.

1 thing blockbrothers is right is no freezing of assets. But that's my opinion the rest? I wouldn't expect that of them.

I guess sometimes steemit is that way unexpected turns can turn out good aswell

This all must be painful for you.
Hugs and respect.

Life sucks sometimes but i am standing strong and behind my decision

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I’m a bit slow catching up here, I hope it was a professional decision and friendships are unaffected.