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RE: Magic Dice v1.6 - Leaderboard - Over 120k STEEM in Rewards

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In my opinion this is wrong to do but, others on the platform will be the judge. You kept the token cap the same but you basically diluted the Magic tokens already earned by previous players. I can no longer invest or delegate to your game because of this. I played your game hard from 25-12.5 token distribution to earn tokens for the future of this game and now players can earn 50 per steem bet with less than half the risk in bets i made? then you just give away tokens to people on the leader board which devalues my tokens even more? And give away millions more tokens just if people re-steem this post? man you really threw some chum out into the water here in my opinion. I can not believe people are re-steeming this thinking it's a good thing for Steem and a good thing for honesty and transparency. bye bye.....magic dice.....fool me once shame on you....fool me twice shame on me! Video coming about this today.


Agree 100%. They should make right on this. Love the game and think it deserves to be up there on the top list of DApps. Many of us played early on with the assumption that MAGIC would always be harder to earn in the future.

Now we find out that MAGIC is in fact easier to earn than when we began. I “lost” well over 400 STEEM playing the game but always considered it an investment in MAGIC — I’ve earned almost 15% of that back at this point, but who knows what will happen now.

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this move by magic dice is exactly the same thing the Federal Reserve and the Central banks use to manipulate world currency. the only way this sort of thing stops, is people to just stop playing on the site. The ignorant people who don't understand the harm this causes to our blockchain will still play however.......:(

Exactly, thought we would have done away with this type of stuff in crypto 🙄. Unfortunately I think even more people will play now as the incentive is there. Hopefully it’s just an oversight by @magicdice and they’ll work something out with current token holders

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