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RE: How good is that post really? - An idea to find and keep good writers on Steemit

in #steemit4 years ago

What do you think about people posting their photos instead of writing much text. It's the way i prefer to express myself :) Should they move to places like shutterstock or stay here?


Your pictures look really good! I am not familiar with shutterstock but I hope you stay, people like you brighten steemit up! I think the quality score could work to score all types of posts. Clearly it is not realistic to make a program that scores how good pictures are but my main point was that a big factor of the score would be to score based on how a post does based on upvotes/comments relative to your other posts. if one of your posts gets double the upvotes than your others usually do, it is clearly a better quality post and should get some more exposure to a bigger audience.