How Steemit can be the next Facebook ($500 Billion USD Marketcap)... by @brupvoter bidbot

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Steemit is either going to be a Reddit copy or something multi-facted like Facebook

-- Remember that Facebook is worth at least 50x Reddit or 25x Twitter. (It is true Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram but must be worth at least $200 billion USD) Steemit has a Twitterlike service.

As you may know features are a lot and the ones Steemit have differentiate them from successful earlier social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. The main feature Steemit has is that we can make real life money in the form of cryptocurrency for doing things on the platform. This is obviously the next generation of social media websites and we will see if Facebook/Reddit/Twitter will cannobolize their profits in return for keeping their user base, ie paying their user base money.

What am I trying to get at?

Features are very important but layout is a lot as well. Right now Steemit looks like a very early version of a Internet website. It lacks a comprehensive layout like Facebook and may only ever achieve a market value of $10 billion USD to $20 billion USD (this is great nonetheless). However, does Steemit really want to play second fiddle to what may be the next power house cryptocurrency social media platform that mimics Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, or does it want to be all those combined.

How do we get to being the next defacto social media hub?

We need pages and groups with the right layout. We need to be able to set up groups/pages people can join that have like minded interests. Tags dont go far enough and just mimic Twitter or Reddit. We want to mimic Facebook as Facebook is worth $500 billion USD and Twitter is worth about $20 billion USD.

Also if Steemit wants to get away from being a cryptocurrency ponzi like economy we need advertising on the platform in the form of 1 or 2 banners on the page that advertisers buy that allows a bid/buy to the Steem currency. This would seal the loop of Steemits economy. Travel, cryptocurrency, finance, cooking are all generally high value terms that could bring in tens or hundreds of millions a year in advertising revenue. This would put a bid in the price of Steem essentially increasing demand for the steem currency.

Something from the early Internet that Facebook, Twitter and Reddit lack…..a directory.

A directory can be a very powerful tool. Yahoo Directory use to be the goto place to find websites. If we can add another layer of tagging or add the right layout (ie copying Yahoo Directory) we could have another way of searching out our most favorite content. Even Youtube doesn’t have a directory which if dTube made would really enrich the Steemit experience. We are not exactly sure how to implement this...maybe a 2nd layer of tagging or maybe a compartmentalization feature which puts it into a category not just a tag or tags.

A big feature Facebook used to get popular was games. Why cant we have games where you made money by playing?

If we made games in flash or java and had a money aspect to it, this would rock. Steem has zero transaction fees which is super awesome. Steemit would need a directory or categorization system and if money could be made, Steemit would jump very high towards mass market adoption. Making games is not that difficult and only requires 1 to 2 pretty good flash developers from a 2nd/3rd world country and 1 to 3 designers. A game can be made for about $2000 USD and if we introduced the Steem currency we would have a great new dynamic to the ecosystem. $2000 USD is for a flash game not one that have Steem implemented inside it. BrUpVoter may even look at this further and fund a game to help adoption of the platform, but it would need to be seen if the Steemit code could even work this way.

A moveable layout...

Imagine if in Steemit you could make shortcuts or move around the page. Google use to have iGoogle and they had about 1 million or 100,000 layouts people made. But for some stupid reason because it didn’t have 1 billion users, Google discontinued the feature. (They have brought it back but it only has 7.1 million users as of right now )

There are so many things Steemit could do to become the biggest defacto social media website in the world. It just requires manpower and strong management.

What set apart Facebook from earlier social media websites like Friendster, Nexopia and Hi5. Ie...the news feed.

If Steemit developed a news feed which was tailor made, that would catapult it into the top 5 or top 10 cryptocurrencies. You could just have an algorithm that allowed for analyzing keywords/tags and grouping them above or below posts that were related to what some of your followers were saying. Or if a follower posted some travel pics or travel notes you could have an advertisement or related travel post above or below it. As Facebook lightened up on news in the news feed recently you could have Steemit get some market share.

It is true that all these features require a huge team but to be frank Steemit is a unicorn ($1 billion USD startup...if thats how we want to call startup) they could easily higher 30 or 40 developers to develop features.

We are writing this post to welcome discussion and opinions of what has transpired in this post. All opinions positive or negative are welcome.

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come on, steemit needs to build a community as well

wow! this is seriously the best comment/post I have seen on Steemit for more than a month

this comment is a good representation of the state of steem's comment threads :(

@programmingvalue in a positive or negative way? please tell me I'm too stupid

I agree with you!

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Honestly the site just needs polish to make it more linear. Once it become easier for people to seek out what they actually want to see. I have no doubt this place will explode.

But that has been obvious for more than one year. It wont get more obvious by waiting another year to make any of the suggested improvements

Hi, I like the way you write articles. I will follow you, I hope you will follow & vote me, as we are interested in one topic. Let's increase the power of Steemit together!

@brupvoter steemit cannot be reaplaced to facebook because it is not such has user friendly feature like facebook its look like a article writing site so i hope ned scot will improve the user interface.

I disagree! Facebook is like a little kid website. Annoying.............Loaded with junk and advertising. Plus the games on Facebook is such a waste of time!

I left Facebook to join Steemit!

@greenbeans! I was crazy about Facebook and just a month ago was wondering would there be a real opponent to FB anytime soon.
So I discovered steemit! Steemit rules, I kind of forgot about FB. But in FB the interface is different, you can store some albums for example. I think steemit will go this way to make sure totally wins over FB.
Actually part of steemit has similar to FB interface.So I am using it a lot when preparing to post my content.

Did u really leave facebook? No one really leaves facebook... You have all your friends and loved ones there. Steemit has a complete different purpose, let's not miss the the fact that every of this social platforms have their various purpose for which they were created, let's not make the mistake of trying to make @ned Scott work look like Mark Zuckerberg. That would be totally defacing. I agree that ned could work on improving the interface for better user friendliness, but not remove the ingenuity of these minds, and of appreciating his work to be a unique concept that other platforms with all their social impacts and traffic can never meet.

Sure. But if we want STEEM value to increase by 10X then we just need to introduce the advertising banners

We just need to build a similar functionalities with Facebook and Tweet.

I hardly believe that copying Facebook or Twitter or Reddit will NOT benefit Steemit. It needs its OWN innovative thing to be devs should really thing outside of the box and come up with something really new that will overcome FB and others


i've seen people playing games and they get rewards from steemit just by streaming games through DLIVE or DTUBE, but that's a good idea that steemit should have a games too that is base on DAPP or steem blockchain. but when it comes to a promising future of STEEEM and STEEMIT what i could say is i'm still continue posting until 2040, i could not imagine how SMT will transform businesses and i believe it's a game changer if SMT is ready to use by the people.

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I figure Steemit can contend, and in the end supplant, Facebook. I would recommend an extremely streamlined versatile application, customization, client protection settings, and also parental controls. Likewise the capacity to have gatherings. Facebook is loaded with gatherings of each kind. I think Steemit has far to go. In any case, much potential! I am extremely fortunate to be a piece of Steemit and conceptualizing every day on how I can contribute the development of this online networking stage. Don't hesitate to share a few thoughts that you may have!

Steemit surely will be the next big thing after facebook. I agree that if steemit will add some games and some chat window same as messenger, it will surely blow-up and the membership will exponentially increase.

Agreed, it would help hugely to have a chat window built in. The alternatives at the moment mean navigating through discord chats to find messages - those of us who engage with other bloggers beyond the cursory compliments and actually want to engage in topics like photography or recipes tend to fall flat as not everyone wants to reveal what they're struggling with in a public arena. For food bloggers more flexibility with layout would help set us apart from news feeds etc.

Steemit can surely do that.

steemit is bigger than facebook

uhhh nope, not even close

Once steem gets ad revenue, the sky is the limit! It would be nice if people could put a banner ad that pays them in steem on there posts if they wanted to. Like adsense for steem.

Steem needs to make SBD more integrating with ads on Steem


The bots are the ads. That is the point of the bots. We are the revenue just like we are on Facebook except that we are not paid money for being on Facebook but we are sold to groups and countries and that is how Facebook makes money. But we make money on Steemit and we sell ourselves and whatever else we want.

Absolutely correct. We are already doing that. People just don’t get it

You're wrong. Banner ads would be a new and completely different revenue stream than bots. And with banner ad revenue STINC could afford to hire an appropriately sized DEV team instead of what they have today.

Respectfully, you dont get it. Lack of funding for DEV has held STINC back for a year, nothing major and new happening that could be happening with ad revenue to fund the work

If we want banner ads, then is that not what Facebook already has? Is that not centralized ads or regulated ads? Independent YouTube channels are being blacklisted from ad revenue on YouTube. Do we want Steemit to become YouTube?

We want STINC to have a sufficient source of recurring funding so they can hire the DEV team needed to get this platform up to the point it should obviously be at

Why can't the team find ways to get funded by update posts here? They compete by posting what they do to help Steemit and we the people of Steemit vote on the posts which then fund them.

I agree with you. Advert system might disrupt the bot system which is quite unique. These bots literally gives the opportunity to push content visibility like ad sense. I think most people are not getting this point..!! We are so much obsessed with seeing adverts that it becomes unusual for the mind to experience its absence in everyone's page!! cognitive dysfunction....!!

Agreed, the globalists brain wash us and we become addicted to how the Internet has been after 1999 and not before 1999 it seems and many people may not remember how the Internet was twenty years ago. it was a lot different and I started using Internet more so around 1998 when I was 13 in Oregon and I remember how things were and I want that back.

We need more features, users and better voting before we can expect to get to facebook level. I am hopeful for $10 to $20 Steem in the shortterm. One step at a time :)

Go go go!

Yes, a little more organization will go a long way. Hopefully the innovation will occur prior to the completion coming in.

I absolutely agree about all of these concerns with steem, and the interface In fact, I came to these conclusions over 12 months ago, and decided to launch a project to do all of those things that Steemit lacks, and much more.

Check out to learn about the Distributed social media and business platform. We are currently in the early stages of fundraising, but the Ezira whitepaper describes how these features like boards, groups, and events. It also brings in the best of Bitshares by allowing user issued assets, the best of Openbazaar by allowing users to list products for sale, and for all of the features to be combined with a business account.

Check out to learn more

We will be doing an Ezira project hangout on Sunday - anyone can join by following the instructions here:

Interesting. I looked through the website and will def keep following. Hope everything goes well

Ezira looks exciting and hope for the best as it competes with Steemit and and and others. I saw the video for Ezira and I like what I see.

Isn't there a Discord chatroom for

very good article. you have lot suggestion to improve steemit especially the idea of games

Great stuff. As a newmember of this steemit community (been here 1+ month), I am feeling very optimistic about steemit.. You certainly have a lot of good ideas.. I hope they get implemented.

In a social media development aspect steem is more like a precursor and the next platform will likely kill it. Especially if it finds a way to deal with the whale monoploy.

Steemits developers are a bit to relaxed to be serious about he long term growth steemit will require to stay relevant. I mean its been almost a year and still no SMART MEDIA TOKEN framework nor any actual SMT on the steem blockchain.

Yep. is myspace. The next big thing will show up soon and overtake steemit

I share your thoughts. However, Steemit user base should grow dramatically before others service-like enter the game.
I would not be surprised that we see the same kind of platform on EOS blockchain. Time will tell.

Inspiring, gutty thoughts brupvoter! I am with you there, the only thing holding Steemit back from this is organization and name recognition, in my opinion. I would think it would smart for us to go more to a "fan based" site rather than content based site. You can still draw great content and everything else like we already do, but I think we have it backwards a little bit, I think the reward system should be placed 2/3 in the fan base (anyone that wants to join and needs to produce nothing but change the curation system and can get rewards from simply voting can win payouts) and the other third be place in content developer rewards. And the final 1%, a constant burn of steem. Make this the opposite of a bull crap fiat and put your money where your mouth is. this of course couldn't all happen overnight of course, just a few little (lol) tweaks and the fork is with you! Great post, love the forward thoughts!


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Excellent post. Very insightful and valuable suggestions to improve steemit and make it a front runner for a comprehensive social media platform.

How can one compare steemit to facebook? They r two different things.FB is a true social network, where the emphasis is on connecting people and letting them share or not share.
Steemit is reddit with rewards.This is more for bloggers. Steemit can never be facebook, but it has its own purpose.

I agree,there needs to be a facebook like interface that dont show up in your blog.When people try to act kike facebook it's called a sth#t post.

This may take a very long time 😊

I think Facebook will try to add a lot of improvements to keep its place on the network but it's too late ! steemit progresses and evolves quickly and it will exceed facebook very soon.

Lots of obvious improvements are possible. But no actions from STINC

Buddy, but what if Ned does not want to manage that big of a company? What if thinking of 20 Billion dollars worth of his company gives hin goose bumps and makes him afraid. Nothing offensive, just saying this shit can scare everyone. I would not want to be Ilon Musk, cause this is fucking scary. is a company an app of @Ned but is the root, the blockchain which is the core that apps are built in and is not a company and it seems Ned cannot stop the blockchain and can only control the company and not the blockchain which is the foundation for apps.

If steem was at the same marketcap as facebook, it would be at $2037/steem.

I hardly believe that. People likes illusion of equality. This is one thing steemit does not do

As long as the front page is dominated by those who bought their way there, this is never going to be another Facebook or Reddit.

The thing that characterises Facebook and Reddit is stickiness - users stay for years. Whereas on Steemit users tend to give up after a couple of months because they can't make any headway.

Steemit isn't meant to have advertising other than what users pay for via bid bots. If I saw banner ads on here I would walk, and so would many others.

I agree the site needs more work, but that is coming. Time will tell how big Steemit becomes. But we should probably stop comparing Steemit to the likes of Facebook. They are both very different beasts.

We need to add some more features in steemit as facebook have. Then we can overlap facebook.
Sorry, a question away from topic.
How much is the life of steemit?

steem is just an infant...son to grow to a giant!

We can do so much better than just copying features that exist in other forms. How would you like to interact with people? I for one want to visit virtual places in much the same way we can visit real life places. We can meet in virtual spaces that are "posts", even build ways to invite people in to private forums on publics pages. An example.

Software, however complex, can already be implemented on steem. Providing the incentive to build solutions. There's no need to wait for improvements, everything is open-source as is.

I've already expected that steemit could outnumber facebook or be the best.
I had never invested on cryptocurrency or any sort of coins before I met steemit
and knew the bright future of steemit.
I am very happy to spend my money to steemin and living with bright dream.

we are very hopeful about steemit

Well, this didn't end up happening.

Steemit is going to be what Reddit is trying to be. Reddit recently has gone through multiple iterations of design changes in an attempt to modernize their UI, the user flow, and how information is displayed to the user. On top of that, they have implemented vast algorithm changes to prevent against vote manipulation, spam, and bots. Most of all they have started sweeping changes to the content they allow. Adopting a more stringent view on the content.

This is signalling a shift away from the previous concept of reddit. The previous concept being a place where news, information, and conversations are aggregated into communities or groups. The entire concept of a "person" or a "user" was so unnecessary and foreign they even created the "karma" points system as a sort of joke. Karma means nothing. The user means nothing. It's all about the content and the masses that vote will self regulate the content. Your username or the fact that you were a user meant virtually nothing. So much so that not many people gave out their reddit usernames. It was not, in any way, a social media platform like we are used to.

With these sweeping changes Reddit is trying very hard to legitimize itself as a social media platform. They have overhauled the user/profile section to create a more personal "wall" type feel similar to other social media apps.

Except I think the boat has sailed. People use Reddit for what it is and what it did extremely well. Not for the social media aspect or for future improvements. The entire concept of Reddit that made it great and attracted people to it was fully implemented years ago. I just don't think they will see much success with trying to take the large amount of users that care very little about the social media aspect of it (and some the reason they were drawn to it) and get them to adopt using Reddit as a social network. Thing is, you can have all of the tools, functionality, look and feel, and integration that rivals the best social media platforms out there. It doesn't mean that you are a social media platform if a majority of your users don't even use the functionality or use it as a social media platform.

With Steemit you have a new concept. Nobody is "used" to it being a certain way. Nobody has been using it in one explicit way for years and then new functionality got released. Every one of us using it is figuring it out for the first time, getting used to it, and learning the capabilities of it. It's easy at this point to then introduce new functionality as many people are still in the mindset that this is a growing product.

In short Reddit trying to become a social media platform would be like McDonald's offering fine dining. Sure, they can call themselves a fine dining restaurant but that doesn't mean really anything if nobody uses the fine dining.

It needs to remove bots and bullshit posts. There are better chances to organically grow as a content creator on youtube and twitter or any other social media platform than on steemit. Steemit's value proposition is better money and fair payouts. Then comes the important factors stated by you - layout, featurs etc. Right now, as a content creator you cannot appear on trending page unless you are resteemed or upvoted by bots and curation is also not incentivized to promote new content creators.

Yes am believe that the steemit is going to be the next Facebook because the awareness of cryptocurrency is increasing better and better and the change of technology .

If I can give you guys my opinion for a good ICO, I discovered an exciting one: RAWG. If you want to have a look and get some information, the ICO will start by the end of the month.

The ICO site is this one:
It's a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services.

You can earn tokens by playing your favorite games. The site is already working, with more than 50,000 games in the database and new games are getting added every day. This is the site:

Quite good looking, don't you think?

Have a look! I hope this information is helpful.

Great article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

I think there should be more place for selfpromotion or creative room. Steemit is a great project - amix of the best social media platforms!

Did you know that there is a livestreaming service built on top of the Steem network called DLive? DLive enables anyone to stream what they enjoy and earn rewards in the form of Steem, just like on Come check out some streams and see how easy it is to join in the conversation!

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Has anyone here heard of this project will also fly high!

Very good and interesting topic, I like the way you see the future of steemit and look at it differently from other people♥

Steemit simply cannot be compared with Facebook it is unique in its own way and i will say even better it will grow even further one it starts getting advertisement

Steemit will never get a "second Facebook", "second Youtube" or anything similar on such a level ;-)

am sure..............

Where is the Alpha version after 2 years (at allegedly 1 billion market cap.) - with better features for communication with others, better navigation, better protection of one´s copyrights, simple conversion to Fiat-currencies etc. etc. ???

And at a certain point donations are getting smaller and smaller and............. no matter, what quality your posts are. On FB and my other channels am making real business in hard currencies
Why is there so few publicity about Steem compared to other Cryptos ???
But am sure the founders were making their profits ;-)

I totally agree that Steemit looks like the future social media. For me it is the best that you have the same features like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, but the difference is you can make money. It is also very nice that every kind of social media you can have inside one account on Steemit. I remember the times when Facebook was not yet so popular, about 2008... That was something then, something new and innovative. Now I have these feelings for Steemit. For me in Facebook nothings happen since 3-4 years and I was waiting for opportunity to move somewhere else. :D
Answering particularly this post I would like to see more ergonomic layout of Steemit (but it's not bad now) and I totally love looking for content with tags.

Purrrrfect. How about some games with cats in them?

This is the kind of news that makes me want to live in a 1st world country surround by techfreaks..

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I think Steemit has a long ways to go. But much potential! I am very lucky to be part of Steemit and brainstorming daily on how I can contribute the growth of this social media platform. Feel free to share some ideas that you may have!

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Hey you have! can be the "generic" interphase for all steemit post.
But if you like to have more "facebook experience" use
I do believe that all apps connected to steemit and steem blockchain are in a race to improve their service, thus getting more favors for the steemit community.

I love the idea about games ;)

awesome and motivational information

When I learned about Steemit I become more active and interested about this platform compared to Facebook where I was a member for almost 10 years and I earned nothing... thanks Steemit!!

The user experience of steemit could be improved big time.

The suggestion you made about the directory is interesting. For now, it is only visible to see what is going on (trending) right now, yet it is not possible to see what articles had the most impact on people or is the most useful for someone at a particular moment.

Steemit is going to be like a Reddit like Facebook, Facebook is like going to be a reddit, at least 50 valuable one 25 valuable steemit features of Twitter Many important success is on Facebook and There is a difference from social media platforms like Twitter, whose main feature is the real life of cryptocurrency size. It can be the next generation of social media websites by refining the Facebook Twitter user. Among the many important topics discussed are the popular one was popular, so important is important that it will take a lot of important, it allows different buildings that make some of your followers down on you. I think it's been gravitational There's a lot of discussion, but it comes at the beautiful way in which everyone will benefit, and should be viewed seriously post

Absolutely right brother

No, Steemit will never be the next facebook, if the fucking robot thing not deleted,,,,,

Theres just so many things connected to it and honestly I've made the switch in terms of usage because of the community and lack of ads. It gets old having ads get jammed down my throat and seeing so many stupid ass posts everyone on here for the most part is up to date and not so ignorant in various fields.

All in due time, you've highlighted some important aspects of why Steemit will reach 20 billion in the next few years giving a price of around $80 / steem. It's possible since Steemit really is a revolutionary new social media platform.

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steemit, facebook, twitter or other social media. frankly just their business deal! the most important social media users can get the convenience and benefits of social media features.

But Facebook makes us depress and brain washes us and steals money from us and more. Facebook blocked me again today. Twitter said I was a bad person. YouTube deleted videos I made when I was a kid.

hmmm, hope it does not happen a second time. then what about steemit?

Steemit is a lot better in many ways than ghetto networks hehe.

Steemit is better than Facebook ...

Solid points. I really hope steem reaches more demographics..

Steemit is now a baby against Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Lacking like group, massage, advertising and much more , I think developer will be added later on eventually. Hope it will be next stronger competitor for Facebook Twitter Reddit and Google also

Yes, where are Steem video game apps? I love Steemit and also which is an app of Steem. There is also and but is my favorite and Steem has different apps like videos and photos and a Twitter like app like you said and more. And money. Let's continue to make Steemit great again.


Hi, would you like to study Chinese? Just follow me.

In near future

thanks for the information !!!

Yes, I agree. Steemit have to cross a long road to be a competitor of Facebook.

Thanks for informing us!

Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram??? There goes privacy.......

Time to leave WhatsAPP and Instagram!

Honestly, I think steem has more merits than ethereum network.

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Thanks for sharing valuable post.I figure Steemit can battle, and at last supplant, Facebook. I would suggest a greatly streamlined flexible application, customization, customer assurance settings, and furthermore parental controls. Similarly the ability to have social affairs. Facebook is stacked with get-togethers of every kind. I think Steemit has far to go. Regardless, much potential! I am greatly lucky to be a bit of Steemit and conceptualizing each day on how I can contribute the advancement of this internet organizing stage. Try not to waver to share a couple of considerations that you may have.
All the best

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These are some excellent suggestions. Yes, we can do better. their are lots of ways to do so. STEEM management just have to think bigger. It has the potentiality and also opportunity to be so. A good management planning can make it possible to replace the big fish in the industry, who are keeping all the pie to themselves. Liked it. i am going to resteem it too.

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In my opinion steemit shouldn't copy Facebook and allegro that shitty games. Also I hate FB design and UX (really I can't find anything there. Also FB ignores user settings). But most important thing in FB is communication. You can talk to everyone because everyone has a account. This is something Steemit should work on. All Steem chat or Discord are confusing in the beginning. And that these are separated services. Some of us use chat, others like Discord...and the thing that you can have different username in each one.

More about games: not flash please. It's not supported and dangerous to use that technology ;)

Steemit surely will be the next big thing after facebook !

Thank you for writing about Steemit. I truly believe in this platform and it can and will go the distance. I believe it because it's so valuable and people can share their expertise and knowledge to others. Very valuable and amazing website that will be here for years to come

Very good post,
very useful for those who read it. thank you


In this digital age everything can be done.

No offense to you but you have just added another crap on trending page comparing steemit with facebook which will never happen,I am hopeful than another project may come to compete with social medias like facebook but it's certainly not steemit or other platform on steemit.

Of course all of us who dedicate our time and quality content to Steemit believe in this platform and of course we want it to improve every day, and there are many good ideas for Steemit to have an incredible development, just evaluate them and analyze if they are sustainable, we all want the success of this great platform.

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Very interesting what you have stated in this Post, I totally agree that the demand of the steem would rise with the announcements, thus creating an independent economy in steem, which should not depend on other mother cryptocurrencies.

I still do not know why the creators of steemit have not thought that, or just believe that it would be a waste of time? Time will give us the answer.

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