Attn Minnows: Stop Asking for Upvotes and Start Leaving Engaging Comments

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Seems like this is something every "veteran" user of the site has to express every so often; I'm certainly no different as I'm sure I've written about 10 of these posts. Partly to avoid all the garbage comments that end up on my articles, but also to help stymie the ongoing waves of new users less interested in actual engagement (the real way to make headway on Steemit) and more interested in just trying to squeeze a penny out of an upvote.

Kids...just stop. We can all read the comments you leave on other people's articles. We can see everything. We know how you interact with other users on the site and IT'S TO YOUR ACTUAL, LEGITIMATE BENEFIT that you pay attention here.

1.) Don't leave a comment simply asking for upvotes or for people to follow you. Or worse...both.
2.) Don't leave a comment with a link to one of your articles if it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed.
3.) ENGAGE. Say more than "nice post, following you" or "yes, i agree." Feel free to actually leave a full opinion. THAT is how you get people to engage with you and become successful on this platform.

This ain't hard. Yes, it takes work. Yes, it takes time. But I can assure you that there are people out there who will be far less friendly than I in this regard. I will comment on your comment, but then you'll get muted. Other users may go and flag or downvote all of your posts purely to prove a point.

So c' doesn't take a lot of effort to be a contributing member of the site.



Finally somebody dishing out the facts i appreciate the info now i see why a lot of people dont upvote comments

if it's a good, solid comment, i'll definitely upvote the comments. i find that's a good way to keep people coming back and actually engaging with a topic. plus it incentivizes others to leave comments worth reading on people's articles. not everyone does it, but i certainly try to do so.

Man, it bugs me SO much when people do this, and maybe even more that they don't realize how ineffective and gross it is to do it. Someone recently commented on my post that they were "posting this wherever they can" --like I should go read their article because it is so pressing, with no indication whatsoever that they read what I wrote. Bahh, people. Anyway, thanks for bringing this up here, and hopefully the right eyes read it.

yeah, i really don't understand the mentality myself. i came on expecting to use it like FB; comment, engage, converse, etc.

the begging for votes and random comment dropping...the reasoning just eludes me.

Does it ever work? Like, is there some kind of Pavlovian reason that it continues so much? Is there a cultural thing being missed?

"Thank you! Great post! Keep up the good work!"

Honestly, how the hell am I supposed to engage a commenter if they don't express what they liked about my article. It's like they do it only for post count or in hopes of getting my wee updoot. Don't get me wrong, I made that mistake a couple of times when I first got onto the platform, but I learned from my mistakes quickly.

I resteemed this because it was well written and I hope more noobies see this. Good lord man, try having a screen name that starts with "A", new people message me on steemchat asking for updoots and follows every day. I haven't lost my patience yet and I always inform them that it's frowned upon to ask for such things.

it's bad. it's been bad since i joined up in july. i'm sure it was bad before that too. it's just fucking lazy, honestly. and i realize (and understand) there may be a fair amount of language barrier at play with all this as well, but there are literally HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of posts just like this disparaging the kind of lazy commenting and begging that goes on in comment sections.

i've even had people do it in the comment section of previous posts decrying this same behavior. like...did they not even bother reading the post? apparently not.

I wish there were basic introduction to steem videos linked in the FAQ. Granted they would probably be in English, but with all the resources this platform offers we could get it subbed in a myriad of other languages.

and thanks for the resteem! much appreciated!

newbieHandUpinAir why does having a letter A name mean they message you, is it because you come up in a list somewhere and you are at the top and they are just trawling though looking for votes?

I got suckered in my first day (i'm only day 4 hence why reading the post like a dutiful newbie) by a guy who wrote a very thoughtful story and comment on my post. Fairly lengthy and funny. so like a good girl i upvoted him. anyway the following day, i looked at his previous comments and saw he cut and pasted the comment onto EVERY SINGLE page he could get his hands on. heaps and heaps and heaps of the same comment. Then he changed comments and did anther 40 or so comments exactly the same. BLOCK!

Sneaky Bastard.

i'm most upset i gave him $0.01 of everyone's Steem....

I noticed one of the discouraging things about new users is exactly this kind of behavior in Reply sections. Two factors play into this, the trained and programmed mind coming from other platforms where your input is mined and sold off to corporations doesn't know how to think here, and those same types of minds don't know how to post here. Steemit allows users to reclaim their minds and worth! So yes, it can be difficult at first.

exactly right.
mute all beggars.
I certainly do.

He he he..... Smoke weed everyday...😎

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