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Greetings once again. For those of you who are yet to read my introduction post my name is Adam. At the time of writing this (April 2018) I am 34 years on this planet and I want to tell you about a part of my life, 6 years ago up until now, when I decided to start experimenting with psychedelics.

Chapter 1 - Me, me, ME! A Time for Change

The year is 2012. I am 28 years on this big blue rock we call home. I have been using marijuana for 14 years and barely go a day without (weed is plentiful in my home town). I have taken lots of speed and MDMA in the last 10 years but I am not interested in them anymore.
I have tried Cocaine, Ketamine and even LSD a couple of times but I never had any of those REALLY psychedelic experiences I heard stories about, like seeing pink elephants flying around the room. I am very unhappy with myself and my life situation. I have many regrets. I am working nightshift (10pm-6am) at a factory, slaving away 40 hours a week, Mon-Fri doing the most mind numbingly boring shit I can think of. I am earning good money but I have pretty much bought everything I want and I still don't feel happy. I have lots of good friends but I feel like the friendships are lacking depth. Everyone seems to be stuck on auto-pilot, myself included. We work Mon-Fri and then either get drunk at a friends place or the pub on Friday and Saturday night, recover Sunday and start the process again on Monday. Sure, there is a bit of variation but the underlying routine is the same. Wash, rinse repeat. I can't seem to change the pattern.

While surfing the interwebs one day, I recall a friend telling me about a drug that I can't remember the name of. I message him 'What was the name of that drug you were telling me about that day? The one where you fully trip balls and leave your body?'. The reply... 'DMT'.

Let the hunt BEGIN! My browser is a flurry. I have multiple Erowid and Wiki tabs open in chrome. My mind is a sponge. Dopamine courses through my veins due to the assault of new information. I stumble upon a random website and they are talking about a documentary, based of a book by a Dr. Rick Strassman, called DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Torrent downloaded, I make myself comfortable on the couch. Punch a couple of quick pre-movie cones, exhale and hit play... One hour and 15 minutes later I say to myself.


Thank you for taking the time to read the first Chapter of my story. If you liked it please Upvote and Resteem and if you are feeling really game leave a comment.
Many blessings, Adam / O

P.S. I am raising money so that I can move back to Australia with my wife and child (my wife is currently pregnant, due in July). We are currently living in Germany (that's where my wife is from) at my wife's father's house. It is nice here in Germany but my homeland is calling me and I would love to raise my child there. We need $7000 AUD, or 5000€ EUR, just for my wife's VISA and then there is flight costs and other expenses on top of that (I reckon it will cost over 10,000€ all up). If you are reading this and you can afford to help, even if it's only 1 dollar, 1 euro or whatever, it would be greatly appreciated. Peace, love and light.

For anyone wishing to make a donation here is my Bitcoin Address


and here is my Paypal


you can get DMT easily on the Dweb :)

haha I will probably mention my experiences with the Dweb in a later chapter ;)

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where is the next chapter?

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