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RE: Magic Dice v1.6 - Leaderboard - Over 120k STEEM in Rewards

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This has been a fun ride I went into it only to accumulate tokens , turns out I went on a run . I greatful for what I ended up with so far . I cashed out my profits . I am greatfull that I will always be in the top 350 magic token holders all time. I will play but very small from now on below is my stats . Thanks Again @magicdice for a Provably Fair Game! Steem On To the Magic Moon!
!bookkeeping magicdice


Hello @capper2016

You requested your Magic Dice details.

You were referred to Magic Dice by None and have 0 referrals.
You are currently delegating 1499.9999850993227 Steem Power.

You have placed 6,869 bets with a 76.12% win rate.

You have wagered 309,979.614000 STEEM and 3,006.769000 SBD.
You have won 313,792.900000 STEEM and 3,084.021000 SBD.
Your profit is 3,813.286000 STEEM and 77.252000 SBD.

You received 0.000000 STEEM and 0.000000 SBD in referral bonuses.
You received 130.733738 STEEM and 0.502779 SBD in dividends.

You have acquired 12,745,673.633226 Magic Tokens.
Your spent per 1M Magic Tokens: -299.183000 STEEM and -6.061000 SBD.

Hi @capper2016!



  • 313794.862 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM from referral
  • 0.048 STEEM from delegation
  • 130.734 STEEM from dividends
  • 3084.147 SBD
  • 0.000 SBD from referral
  • 0.000 SBD from delegation
  • 0.503 SBD from dividends


  • 309979.893 STEEM
  • 3006.769 SBD


  • 3945.751 STEEM
  • 77.881 SBD

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