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RE: The Cops Are Out Of Control... And The Solution Will Not Come From Government

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A big problem comes with the "us against them" mentality. In police training they teach, almost preach, that they should do whatever is needed for them and their fellow officers to come home that day. Which I completely agree with to a point. Police officers should be of the personality type to be willing to put themselves into danger to help others. Not laying down lead at the first hint of trouble. Far too often small movements or any movement is immediately viewed as pulling or reaching for a gun. You should have to visibly see/identify the gun before firing. Sorry. This "He moved quickly" shit just isn't gonna fly anymore. Plus, how is it even remotely possible that someone can draw a weapon from their waistband (or wherever), draw it, and fire upon the officer within a fraction of a second? These officers are out there shooting people for moving. Not drawing a weapon. Drawing a gun is reaching for the gun, gripping into the waistband, drawing the gun, bringing it up, and pointing it. Sure it can happen quickly. I just don't see how it's justifiable to shoot someone for simply moving.


Yes thank you! This is my point exactly.

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