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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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Hello @trafalgar. Good to see you post this. I must say i was very surprise to see your name on @yougotflagged list. In my early days of steemit, you were one upvote that i see randomly and i have always wonder how kind this person is to give random votes. The randon votes were very frequent and i always say to my sef, if we have 5-8 whales doing this randon votes to us, blogging will feel good. So thank you for those random votes that were coming. Though they stopped for a while.

As for short content, i think i started following you when i saw you were into short content. I have always felt, everyone is not in for long content and short contest could server better purpose of making an impact than long content. I personally find it had to read long content. Truth be told, how many long post can we really read in a day and digest its content in full. For me as long as a content is creative, educative, informative and makes an impact; short or long, it deserves egual reward. For this reason i did contest to reward short content for minnow.
Steemit should be all about long content. Then it means is not for everyone. Your contents were ok for me. Then again, who am i? A small minnow.
As for self voting, what i think is if you invested steem to get the sp that you have, is only logical you self vote to gain your investment. And as long as you self vote and vote others as well, i do feel is okay. But then, am just a small minnow, who am i that my opinion should count.
Have a great day.


thanks for sharing your views ceepee