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RE: Steem Secrets #7 (Delivered By @zoeroces): To Really Shine On Steemit, You Will Need To Be Slow About "Conclusions".

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Happy 7th #SecretRevealed!
Truly, this post is Worth the Wait!~~

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"

And now @zoeroces, sharing us to be "Slow in Making Conclusions" or just don't "Jump into conclusions without any basis"

"before you hurriedly get in the mix or jump into conclusions, consider some of 3 giant scenarios..."
"because overall, many things on steemit are subjective, because even in a community of reputable "humans", what you may not like; others may favor!"

What I learned from my field (Data Scientist) is that before you actually make a conclusion you need to have facts, data and even the history of what you are reporting for, by that we make sure that our conclusions are correct and without any bias. It is easy to criticize a whale especially if you never experienced to be a Whale, the thing is that we should THINK LIKE A WHALE and try understand them, why they do things..etc., come to think of this they are also humans. Part of this growing Community.

Nagode! (Thank you) @zoeroces, @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing this 7th Secret and for making this series of #SecretsRevealed possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!

From a Future Whale,


It is very imperative that we speak based on facts because we cannot be certain of the reason behind any action. Sometimes we are just too quick to judge

Yes , being honest to people mostly the ones you love will make them love you more and the people that you only know will become close to you

I agree with your point on whales but on the contrary, not all whales are naturally good. While some are arrogant, some show nonchalant behaviour towards socialization here irrespective of how had you try to socialize with them. @surpassinggoogle is a role model and his kind is rare to find here.

I agree, and we are blessed to have a supportive whale in the name of @surpassiggoogle who is willing to help us, invest in us -- Future Whales

You have spoken my heart in a profound manner. Indeed @surpassinggoogle is a rare breed of whales.

Absolutely! He is one of a kind and hard to find. I'm pretty sure that a woman who will meet him will very lucky. :)

You have really been following #steemsecrets. I recently heard about it and I will start keeping up because there is much to learn as a minnow who hopes to become a whale

Make friends with a lot of people here, understand and forgive them when they make mistake so theyll do the same to you.:)


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