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RE: Steem Secrets #9 (Delivered By @theree2389): On Steemit, There Is "Opportunity"; "The Tip Of The Opportunity" & "Lost Opportunity". Which Will You Have?

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Happy 9th #SecretRevealed!

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"
@zoeroces -- advised us to do not Jump easily in "Conclusion"
@athenabree08 -- shared that we should have Foresight of the Future

@theree2389 revealed the "Endless Opportunities" that we can have in Steemit or even outside, Greater things that we can't imagine if we will not limit ourselves in just Blogging. We can actually achieve even more. As I understand this Platform, Steemit is giving us also an opportunity in "creating our own Breakthrough", we just have to look for it, discover it, develop it and distribute it. Endless possibilities!~

While you may be actively seeking upvotes, creating posts, etc; some, know that not every "successful steemian" blogs. They also know of the existence of "opportunities" and are patiently seeking that too!

Nagode! (Thank you) @ , @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for for making this series possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!


I can't be left out, I just saw this post and I'm strongly inspired and motivated to forge ahead. Steemit has a lot of opportunities awaiting everyone, all we need do is to explore and work hard for it for we are all going to make it there.

Yes, so true! Keep yourself motivated and inspired at Steemit for there are so many opportunities awaiting. Explore and engage. :)

Indeed, there are endless possibilities in this platform. We just have to seek and work for it. Everything is just around the corner. Our only way to find it is to know how to make it happen and that’s through making quality content blogs and even joining contests that let everyone express their individualities :) thats how beautiful steemit is. :)

Great opportunity comes to those who waits. Another secret revealed. Well said. Another food for thought.

Done following @theree2389

Thanks @steemsecrets and sir @surpassinggoogle for another inspiring secrets that revealed.

Can't wait for the next secret to be revealed.

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