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RE: Steemit Is A Waste Of Time

in #steemit3 years ago

Steemit is still in its infancy. I don't think people are looking long-term. A lot of the videos and posts that suck us in to Steemit tell us how much money we can make, but they don't explain it like you did. You are right, it's a get rich slow platform. You really do need to have something to say. You can't just post and expect the money to flow in.

A cool thing about Steemit, I think, is that it's quite useful if you are new to crypto. I learn something new everyday, and that should be the hook that gets people in.


First of all, welcome to steemit and you got a new follower.
Second, you are right and the key to everything. For those that want to learn about crypto, Steemit is a mandatory platform. I've learned a ton being on Steemit. For those that are not interested in crypto, then the reward is just monetary based and not community and knowledge based. For them, they can't see the long term benefits.
I appreciate the great reply and good luck!