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I share my view of the ingredients you need to be successful on Steemit!

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  • Increase my position to Dolphin

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Yes, most of the people join Steemit for tons of money because they got the information in that way means you will earn money for your postings. But reality is completely different and the path is not easy.

You need an content which can move other person to connect, and if you are thinking as soon as your posting you will get upvote then don't dream and it can happen if luck works in your favour.

Be consistent and post daily and comment daily to increase your engagement and if you will engage with people then for sure slowly you can find that you are growing on this platform and patience is important in this journey.

And everyday will not be same because there is no algorithm and everything is human driven so some days you will find Emptiness when it comes to rewards and some days rewards can excite you so believe yourself and do the hard work.

Thanks for sharing this video with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

My pleasure @Chireerocks and have a wonderful day. :)

Thank you and you too. 🙂

i belive in steemit
i am thinking steemit every single day and time..
i like steemit because its true and real and, decentralize

It is not an easy journey but its worth in the long run, nobody said it was going to be easy and I admire and appreciate all those that are here day in day out, I draw motivation from you all and especially @chesatochi

Even if the price of Steem is not so good at the moment!

Short, concise, true, effective and I 100% agree. Subscribed. I'm a daily content creator for 42 days straight now, this is a very exciting venture we are all in! I look forward to your future content!

I love content that goes directly to the point!

Good tips. @chesatochi Good content, persistence, work everyday. Keep it going!

very powerful and useful docs. tans. go on... next..