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RE: On giving the gift of steemit to your friends and colleagues.

in #steemit4 years ago

My girlfriend's father introduced me - and since then I've tried to introduce content creators and influential people in my community. I'm hoping I can get some people from Facebook into this too. Good writing, it's nice to see you helped form a community out of your passions.


He either likes you and wants you to succeed, or is hoping that you'll lose all interest in girlfriends and become addicted to steemit like so many others do hahaha

Influential people would be interesting, however I think there's too much politics on here as it is xD

It would be interesting to see local businesses start advertising on here though.

Yeah, in terms of influential people I was thinking successful musicians and local event managers. I've even spoken to some business owners I know. I know some amazing people that have a lot of interesting brain worms to share!