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We have taken breathing for granted as the body takes care of it without our efforts. But occasionally, it is good to sit and practice deep breathing for a few minutes. Shallow breathing deprives your system of sufficient oxygen and deep breathing does get more supply of oxygen. Deep breathing boosts mood and also prolongs longevity. Here are some health benefits of deep breathing.

1.Breathing deeply will also boost your stamina. When you run or do any physical activity, you tend to puff and pant because your lungs struggle to get more air. If you have the habit of breathing deeply, your lungs can train themselves to get in more oxygen and help you keep going.

2.Some yoga practitioners also say that deep breathing exercises when done for a period of six months can help you give up smoking.

3.Your lungs will stay fit if you cultivate the habit of deep breathing. It acts like an exercise. It can prevent conditions like chest congestion, cold and sinusitis.

4.Deep breathing also improves your blood quality. Blood cells carry oxygen. Deep breathing can get more oxygen into your body.

5.The body gets rid of toxins through various processes like urinating, excreting and sweating. But do you know that breathing out also helps release toxins from the body. Every time you breathe in, you get some oxygen and when you breathe out you release carbon dioxide.

6.Deep breathing also reduces stress. The oxygen that gets in relaxes you and helps you think clearly. When you are stressed up your breathing goes shallow and your muscles get contracted. Breathe deeply and see. Your whole body feels relaxed and lastly

7.Deep breathing can also help you enjoy an orgasm better. Breathing also boosts blood supply to your privates.

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thanks for sharing I've seen this video of breathing techniques used in Japanese exercise you should go check it out
upvoted :) enjoyed reading

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Worth reading this post. Nice way to convey these healthy tips.

Educative article, will try them out..

Wow this is great never new this

Deep breathing, indeed promotes sound health.

forget cheetah koraa

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