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RE: Steem Secrets #8 (Delivered By @athenabree08): To Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight. See This Rare Intel!

in #steemit4 years ago

This is like a re-identifying myself post since I am now a steemian.

I have discovered a lot about myself since I joined here. This platform changes and improves myself.


Me too @christianyocte it helped me bring out the best in me. I have no regrets joining in this platform.

Oww. Im so happy that the maker or the video commented! It is such an honor.!

I willl continue to bring more people in herr so that they will also experience what we have experienced here, Athena!

We are on a journey of rediscovery ! Steemit has made us look inwards, into 'us' we never thought existed, 'us' that lay fallow, 'us' that was wasting away, frustrated 'us'. I know the feeling because I have been there. So this rediscovery journey is a whole new concept for me, a delicious one.

I agree on you on this. We become more engaged to the community and we change I to we.

This is indeed an eye opener for all of us minnows who are still trying our best to discover of what steemit has to offer. First and foremost, to become successful, we should be true to our self and show to this platform who we really are. No masks, no filters just the way we are. By that we can be able to attract people who will eventually like us and admire our works. :)

I have to agree to this one too.

Yeah same as me. I enjoying here and most of the time I am here than doing FB thing.

Likewise. I am even bringing my students here. I have brought 9 people in this platform... One of them has already enjoyed his first cashout.

Yeah. Please do invite more @christianyocte it would be grateful. ☺️

It gives value to our voice. Indeed! Everyone truly has something to offer

That is absolutely true my frriend. There so many fruits that we reap here.

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