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RE: Steem Secrets #4 (Delivered By @gerel): Shake The Steem Blockchain With A Piece Of Awesome "YOU", For "There Was Life Before Steemit".

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Aha ha ha! Alright! Bingo!!!
There was life before steemit.. Why bother on posting and blogging those contents? Why? Because for me steemit helps me find myself worth.. Steemit awaken my whole being as human. Through steemit I can open up my mind and shout out the things that makes me who am I today. Maybe this is not known to all but for me steemit is good.Aside from we earn here we also shared our life's points of view and somehow inspired people..
Maybe if you like you can visit me @cinderz and here's my latest blog.. Thank you


That's right @cinderz. In steemit you can be YOU. Your opinion and experiences are important to be heard by Steemians. More power to you!

You said it right.. Likewise baby

Yes, steemit makes us feel our worth and every post that we have is a great priviledge to showcase our individuality and interests in life. As for me, everything that i post is for self fulfillment. Instead of keeping it to myself, i better share it here for others to realize the same thing that im feeling.. we have to go out of our shells and think not outside the box but think as if there is no box. :)


Well spoken, it is who we are before steemit that enables us to impact it with our best .

You grasped!

Please follow @gerel, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't. Perhaps, @steemsecrets will have you appearing soon

I will.. Thank you so much 😍😆

thank you for sharing this in our steemitdavao chat group..we will support you and also @steemsecrets , this feel us the worth and great privilege to see the share videos to gain more knowledge about it. "life knowledge" to apply also to rest of our journey on steemit world.

Hi there! @mrblu. Thank you for supporting @steemsecrets .. Good luck to our journey, today , tomorrow and in the future. Mabuhay!

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