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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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This is the first of your posts that didn't make me laugh :)

I don't feel you have to explain yourself and you're also not deluded. Your content makes me laugh every single day, and these short bits are way more effective than long posts (which I also enjoy but since we're all busy, short posts don't keep us from doing whatever else we have to do when we're not on Steemit).

I think most people will agree that they are looking for quality content here. You provide that.

However I also think that most people very much relate income to hard work. If something seems effortless, then someone who lives by a hard work ethic will not put this in the income category but in the hobby and fun category, for which of course you don't deserve any money (according to their standards).

I don't believe that and I don't live by that. I value things according to what I get out of it, not by how much time or hard work it cost you to provide that. One laugh from a short post is way more valuable to me than one laugh from a long story. Because it saves me time.

I wish none of us would have to work hard and we could all earn an effortless income with something that we enjoy and that comes easy to us. So when I see people who already live that, I celebrate them.

And like you say, just because something appears effortless, doesn't mean it is.

Also, I think those hard work believers forget that Steem Power is agnostic. It doesn't matter if someone earned it by investing time, or if someone bought it, by investing their money. I think it's wonderful, that both options are available, so that Steemit is not exclusive for people with a lot of money, but also for people who start from zero. Steempower adds the same value to the community in either case.

You have every right to upvote yourself because your jokes after all are like a service you provide and we are your customers. We are "buying" a laugh. And if the system allows opening two accounts so you can upvote yourself, then you're not abusing the system and people shouldn't judge that. I do that too. I have a German and an English account.

The only thing that would be important to me, is that you're not using your Steempower and your 100% upvotes only for yourself, but also for others, by actively upvoting other people's posts and comments.

I'm sure you do that, though.


thank you for your thoughts connecteconomy

with the way that the economy of steemit is structured, voting markets allowing people to internalize the value of their voting power is inevitable.

I was manually curating from march until late oct when I returned. A lot of things happened to me and I don't quite have the luxury to not at least maximise my passive returns on here now. As I said I'm no early crypto investor, I just went all in to invest in my own talents here.

All the self voting looks bad but they were done by making a new account to lose the initial curation trail (which was worth more than my 100% vote) and kickstart a new thing here. Even with ugly self voting I'm barely breaking even with if I just rented all my voting power out and contributed nothing, which many whales do. It's basically a choice between traf's content or the average vote buyer's content really.

I would miss that @traf comedian even though I didn't "buy" the laughs.....Sorry @trafalgar :) I keep my little hard earned dolphin power for those struggling newbies and my own second minnow account if needed.
I do remember when you joined, loved every minute of your humour and first stories, even enjoyed your occasional votes. At some point I stopped my autovoters and started curating manually, getting tired of steemvoter and trending stuff.
I also got flagged from @smooth and @abit for their experiment, did I complain? Hell yeah but nobody cared. I shook it off and continued my path with less and less whales voting but more and more comments because I reward them.
So ....What I mean .....Just be fair and do what you like! You take the up votes , take also those down votes in style!
I appreciate investors as much as I value my sweet followers and I also respect you as a part of this hmmm ....."decentralised" community. I really need to look up the meaning for that word again......
I might be on the wrong platform but I like it here.
I only invested my time so far and don't have the chase to break even. Lucky me....